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Photos are easy to take in Huntington Beach, a beautiful beach location from the Stock Photographer. Attractions and colorful landmarks in this resort destination include Please enjoy looking at the pictures but do not copy them. The photography appearing here is copyright protected and are not permitted for use anywhere else. Thank you, STOCKTEAM.COM. If you seek a photographer in Huntington Beach for your special meetings and events, you can call *714-847-3277.


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Cult (Store)
Harbor Houses
Life's a Beach in HB
Slide show
Sunset lamp post
published pix
pier aerial

Paintball NPPL World Tour

Paintball Photos
Playing Field
Waiting Game
Advancing  enemy
Splatter Banner
Jerilee / Empire
Fire a round
Let's Go Get 'Em
Girl Paintball Team
Spent Paintballs
Field strategy
Vendors Pier Plaza
NPPL Pre-2005 Photo

US Open Surfing &Beach Games

Extreme Surf Pictures
Surfer at Pier
People on boardwalk
BMX winner
Surfer with 2 boards
US Open Crowds
Girl & scooter
Beach overview
2 boys @ Philips
Beach beauties
2 surfer girls
Beach Games BMX
Yellow rash guard
Picture from pier
Bleacher seats
Crowds at US Open

Events Photo Calendar
Huntington Beach

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Halloween on Main
Street Celebration
October 31

Photos & Costumes
Poison Ivy
Lady in Pink
Little Miss Muffett
Edward Scissorhands
Bee & Bee Keeper
Fred Flinstone
Scarecrow Parent
Dancer & Country
Bull Rider

Santas High Five
Santa Claus
Main Street

Christmas Photos
Santa High Five
Christmas Wish List
Newland House Holiday
Main Street Snowflakes
Motorcyle Santas
Strike a Pose at Pier
Huntington Beach Pier Snowflakes
Snowmen & Sleeveless
HB Lifeguard Santa
Classic Cruiser
Street Lamp Snowflake
Main Street Santa
Night Lights Photos
Cruise of Lights
Cruise Boat Tour
Christmas Holiday
Huntington Harbour Mansion

Hello Kitty Boardfest

Girls Photos
Holly Beck
Hello Kitty Stands
Inflatable Wave
Hello Kitty Tent
Boys & Men attend
Hello Kitty Travel Trailer
Hello Kitty Kids Games
Hello Kitty Surf Kids

Huntington Beach Pier collage
Huntington Beach
Pier Photos 

Scenic Photographs
Pier Sunset
Pier Magic
Tower Zero/surfer Huntington City
Beach Sunset

California Piers -BeachCalifornia
Huntington Beach Pier Snowflakes
Bolsa Chica Beach
HB Pier blue and
orange sunset

Huntington Beach Pier
Old Pier Pix 1 & 2

Swimsuit Fashion
Trend Photos
Tattoo Styles Wear1908 Swim Fashion - old
Girl in Swimsuit -old
Guys Shorts - 1980
Surfer - old
Beach Beauties
OC Swim
Pier Swim Wear
Swim Polar Plunge
Orange sunset
Huntington Beach
Sunset Gallery
California Piers
Old Photos (20)
Huntington Beach
Civil War Reenactment (12)


Huntington Beach
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Huntington Beach
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Huntington Harbour
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 Huntington Beach (10)
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church picture
Church Gallery (8)
Ron Jon @ The Block
Bolsa Chica wetlands bird
Huntington Beach (20)
Gallery #2
pug dog
Pet Gallery (13)
California Gifts (10)
Huntington Beach
Aerial Photos
Parade float
4th of July
July 2006
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Events Picture
Huntington Beach Hotel Photos
Matthew Helme
 Helme Antiques(15)
Helme Building
KTLA Channel 5 News
at Huntington Beach (13)
Rooney band
Rooney Concert (9)
California Gifts (10)
ocean and rocks
Milford Zornes  (6)
Art Gallery
Ramp Launch
Core Tour (8)
California Piers
Concours d'Elegance
  Rotary Huntington Beach Volunteer Bandshell
BMX bicyclist
BMX Extreme

Photos & Info
Chicken Dance
Dachshund Races
Beach Cities Cloggers
Oktoberfest Drinks
Oktoberfest History
Lederhosen - Dirndl



Millions of photographs of Huntington Beach have been taken and shared with family and friends throughout the world. Photographers and travelers bring their cameras to pictures of the Huntington Beach Pier, the Bolsa Chica Wetlands and all the beaches and surfing. While in Huntington Beach, you'll find photo labs that develop your film in an hour. Most are equipped to make photos from digital media. While none of these labs are located in the downtown Huntington Beach region, disposable film cameras and film are sold in shops along Main Street and at the beach. Photographers seeking digital media memory sticks and smart memory cards can drive to Staples at Seacliff Shopping Center located at Main and Yorktown. Computers, software, printers, digital cameras and a copy center are all located in one location.

PHOTO TIPS: Photographs of sunsets in Huntington Beach are fairly simple to take with the correct lighting and some strategic framing. Sunrises and sunsets are different every day of the year and the spectrum of colors can change each day as well as each minute during the last phases of the sunset. There's nothing as relaxing and inspiring as taking a picture of the sun setting over the world-famous Huntington Beach Pier. This pier has been the landmark and centerpiece of Huntington Beach for over 100 years since it was first built in 1904. 

● The sun sets during the Huntington Beach summer from 7 to 8 p.m. In October before Daylight Savings Time, the sunsets occur at around 6 p.m. There's a good 20 minute window of opportunity to take photos before the sun is out of view.

● Even after it has disappeared, the sky can put on a show of colors. Keep photographing, even though your eyes tell you it is dark. Simply plan the appropriate exposure for sky lighting and bracket on manual settings, if possible. If your camera is fully automatic, try pointing the camera to slightly different points of interest in the center of the viewing screen (most camera light meters are center-weighted, choosing the subject in the middle of the viewfinder as most important for lighting.

● Stay after dark and wait for the lights of the pier to come on. Believe it or not, you can still get some awesome photos from the south side of the pier. If you do not have a tripod, there are several cement posts with flat surfaces in the public parking lot on the south side of the Huntington Beach Pier next to Duke's restaurant that you can use as makeshift tripods.

About the photographer: Debbie Stock is an award winning photographer, webmaster and press/public relations professional in Huntington Beach, California. She has provided photos to State of California Visitor Guides, six Huntington Beach Visitor Guides and calendars, postcards, brochures, newspapers, magazines and more. Her most recent credit is an international award for her team efforts in building the Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau website, which she worked on for two years. Debbie Stock is a credentialed member of the National Press Photographers Association, North American Travel Journalists Association and Outdoor Writers Association of California. She is a also a member of California Travel Industry Association, Orange County Tourism Council, Soroptimist International Huntington Beach and Fundraising Chair for the Huntington Beach 4th of July Parade. You can contact her at 714.847.3277 or send mail to California Travel News, PO Box 947, Sunset Beach, CA 90742. Stock's photos are all copyrighted and may not be used for other websites or publishing purposes per the U. S. Copyright Act.

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