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IN The News: 
Crypto expert stuns audience, revealing  NSA uses back door passage into Microsoft products, CNN reports.   
Georgetown Privacy Survey 

Americans for Computer Privacy (ACP) 
Supports  The Security and Freedom Through Encryption (SAFE) Act, 
HR 850 to be voted on in September 

Beyond Concern: Understanding Net Users' Attitudes About Online Privacy  
AT&T Labs-Research Technical Report TR 99.4.3 

Consumer Net 

Electronic Privacy Information Center - established to focus public attention 
on emerging civil liberties issues relating to the National Information Infrastructure. 

International Security, Trust and Privacy Alliance (ISTPA)
22 companies formed an alliance to create technological infrastructures needed to assure security, trust, and privacy protection in electronic business transactions 

Online Privacy Alliance  The Online Privacy Alliance -- a cross-industry coalition of 
more than 80 global corporations and associations -- encourages companies to adopt 
and post a privacy policy and become supporters of the Alliance.