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National Paintball League

Paintball is an equal opportunity game.  Women and men play on the same teams or sometimes girls form their own. Out on the field, you cannot tell a woman from a man with all the garb and coverings worn.



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Paintball's World Tour from National Professional Paintball League

National Professional Paintball League (NPPL)

Huntington Beach, California ' With more than 12 million people now participating in paintball tournaments or leagues in 40 countries worldwide, a Huntington Beach organization has capitalized on that interest by growing its World Series competition into a sell-out event. Since National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) moved its headquarters to Huntington Beach in 2003, it's premier NPPL Super 7 World Series, co-hosted by Pure Promotions, had become a whopping success. Thousands of spectators are drawn each year to the beach to watch teams from around the world compete at Huntington Beach, which hosts the US Open of Surfing and Beach Games, AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament and Core Tour extreme sports event with BMX and skateboarding.

The NPPL is a competition in which 7-player teams compete in seeded, timed formats to capture the flag for a win. During the competition, players that are hit or marked by splattered paint from gelatin capsules shot from special paint guns fall in a mock battlefield of air-filled obstacles and mazes located on the sandy beaches in Huntington Beach. The event is free to watch and attracts team from around the world who fill the hotel rooms, shops and restaurants of Huntington Beach for the event which usually runs 3 days. Previously the event was filmed by Fox Sports Net and aired on television.