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HB Pier - Huntington Beach Pier

HB - Huntington Beach Pier.  This is a photo of the Huntington Beach Pier at night. The Huntington Beach Pier has been built and destroyed by nature several times during its hundred year history as a fishing pier, attraction, lookout point for enemy attack during WWII and pleasure pier in later years.

Huntington Beach Pier in its current form is an engineering design built to withstand large storms that destroyed other forms of the pier previously.  It's concrete pilings are epoxy coated with a special chemical that protects piling strength for longevity. If you wander underneath the pier you'll notice barnacles that attach themselves to the pilings. These barnacles prove especially dangerous to surfers who have the misfortune of surfing into the pier pilings. Caution is advised for surfing near the pier.

Piers in California that stretch along the coast often tell the interesting history of California's growth as a state.

Three photos of Huntington Beach Pier in daylight and sunset
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