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Picture of Tents, Huntington Beach Pier and Ocean at US Open
Huntington Beach California USA Surf City Photos and Information

huntington beach ocean, pier and palms




Do you want to be part of this blue scene shown in the photo above' You can do it, and it's free! The Huntington Beach US Open of Surfing and Beach Games each year in Surf City run for approx. 9 days and bring some of the top surfers to the beach for great entertainment.

In addition to crowds galore, the beach is filled with open air tents that hold tv shows, games, demos, places to lounge, listen to sounds and other sorts of entertainment that vendors showcase as sponsors of the free event.

While Huntington Beach is known for a weather phenomenon called June Gloom that brings overcast days to the beach, by July and August that usually disappears and visitors to US Open of Surfing get full sunshine, as seen in the picture.

The photo shows the south side of the Huntington Beach Pier where the surfing and beach games take place. on the north side is the vendor, Zack's Pier Plaza, where you can buy burgers, sandwiches and sodas, rent a bike or surfboard, and get supplies such as sunblock, beach towels, batteries, etc.


Surfer at Pier
Peopl walk on boardwalk sand at Huntington Beach US Open
People on boardwalk
US Open surfer carries two surfboards
Surfer with 2 boards
Winner holds trophy at US Open Beach Games BMX
BMX winner
US Open crowd watches competition
US Open Crowds
US Open competitor carries yellow trim surfboard and wears yellow rashguard
Yellow rash guard

Girl & scooter
Kids walk on sand through Philips music and entertainment venue at US Open of Surfing
2 boys @ Philips
Crowd with photographer taking pictures from Huntington Beach Pier for US Open surfing
Picture from pier
Colorful scene at US Open in Huntington Beach with red Ruby's roof and white tents against blue ocean
Beach overview
two female surfers walk in sand at US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach
2 surfer girls
US Open of Surfing crowd on bleachers watch surfers in the Pacific Ocean water
Bleacher seats
Fox camera man talks to girls in swimsuits as competitive surfer passes by at US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach
Beach beauties

Beach Games BMX
Crowd sitting at bleachers watches the US Open
Crowds at US Open