Swimsuits Huntington Beach at Polar Plunge

People hold a fascination for the fashion of swimming, sunbathing and social clothing in Huntington Beach.  Throughout the years, the styles have changed from women being totally covered up to now having a choice of nothing (some beaches in California have naturist policies, but not Huntington Beach), barely nothing or a swimsuit that reveals less. Likewise, men can wear small, Speedo trunks for triathlons and swim competitions or can cover up completely with a long wetsuit that show only the hands and feet.

Swimsuits, bikinis, cover-ups, trunks, shorts and one-piece bathing suits are all in the mix today. Nearly anything goes. But it wasn't always that way. Click several  photos below to see how people used dress. It's really quite interesting.

Huntington Beach
Tattoo Styles
 Swim Polar Plunge
Huntington Beach
Girl in Swimsuit
Huntington Beach Sign
G-String on Main St
Huntington Beach
Beach Beauties
US OPEN of Surfing
1908 Swim Fashion
Huntington Beach
 Military Swim Wear
Huntington Beach
Guys in Shorts
Huntington Beach
Huntington Surfer
 Surf Fashion Huntington
Pier Plaza Swim Wear

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