Men Swimsuit 1970

Men in Shorts at Beach Rental in  Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach California, home to the Endless Summer, a poster that hangs on the wall behind the lady in this old photo, most likely from the 1970s. This photo looks like it was taken at a beach rental, hotel or even the Huntington Beach Hostel, though the porch seen outside the window is quite different.

Do you remember the short shorts that everybody used to wear' They were standard uniform in school athletic programs, beach attire and breezy forms of  boxer shorts for guys.

This photo was from a private collection provide on loan for our website to help inform the public about a past lifestyle in Huntington Beach, California.

During this era, there were cement walls that dropped down to the beach. They often had some sort of spray paint graphics on them. When you went to the beach and pier, you could walk around the walls or jump down from them.  Since that time, the beach has been landscaped with neatly aligned, well-maintained cement breaks that people can sit on.