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October in Huntington Beach brings Oktoberfest Girls and Guys, and a decade-old tradition of dressing up in monster costumes and going downtown to Main Street Halloween Street Celebration, sponsored by the Downtown Business Improvement District.  See all events in beautiful monthly photo calendars.

The weather is sunny and warm and the kids in California are going back to school in September. The beaches return to their placid state with beautiful waves, soft breezes and scant crowds. It's a time to reflect and enjoy the beautiful Pacific Ocean and a hint that summer's nearly over.

Instruction: Click on any number above and if there's an activity for that day, it will pop up in a new window that you must close to see a new day's events. To view the entire year calendar of events, visit  / Calendar

Bonus Calendar: For you party-fest Oktoberfest crazy people, we've compiled a click-to Oktoberfest days calendar for your enjoyment. Achtung! Click on the "Red Letter Days", a term taken from an old children's book that describes what the American holiday traditions are all about.

We've sliced & diced the days but for further enjoyment, be sure to visit the Oktoberfest photo pages for the history of Oktoberfest, history of Dachshund Races (a beer marketing campaign for a football game created this event idea as a joke), and many more!