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Life's a Beach in Huntington Beach California

The picture above shows that life's a beach in Huntington Beach.

As the sun sets on another Huntington Beach day, life's truly a beach! You must pick up your duds, pack up your stuff and dust the sand off your feet. It's time to head home.

The exodus begins about a half hour before dusk. Beautiful skies captivate those who stick around to listen to the sounds of sunsets.  Birds cawing, waves rushing and children and parents yelling out in delight.

Yep, life can be rough. Especially when it's a beach.

Huntington Beach, California beaches are available daily from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. The Huntington Beach Pier (seen as pilings in the picture above) is open till midnight. Parking is available at a beach parking lot or metered street parking.

Location: Pacific Coast Highway at Main Street. Enter beach parking lot north of the HB Pier on 6th Street. Machines there take bills, while street parking meters only accept coins.