Huntington Beach Pictures -Published photos from Debbie Stock Portfolio


Debbie Stock Pictures as seen on the cover of Huntington Beach Visitors Guide

Huntington Beach pictures taken from the portfolio of photographer Debbie Stock and published in a variety of print publications span the globe. In Huntington Beach, Stock supplied images for Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Guide for nearly a decade, including the 2006 Visitors Guide.

Back in the 1990's, she already worked for the top newspapers and magazines, but the journalist lent a hand to help promote her home town  when she received a call from the publisher of the small, annual guide.  Firmly established as a web publisher by this time, as well, Stock worked for the California Travel Industry Association and supplied "stock" to the California Department of Tourism.

Recruited in 2002 to work for the Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau when Juliet Max Mueller, on staff for five years at the CVB, left. Diane Baker, the CVB president & CEO for about a decade, had retired a year earlier. Stock accepted a full time position as the nonprofit agency's first communications manager in 2003. Building the bureau's first stock photo files was one small part of a job that ranged from building a web site, answering tourist phone calls and much more.

Stock left that job in 2004 and now travels extensively, writing stories about hundreds of destinations elsewhere. It's always nice to return to HB where the sun usually shines and the air serves up that subtle ocean scent. Huntington Beach isn't just a great place to visit, it's also a fantastic place to live.

Stock's other ventures include California Beaches and a local activities and events web site filled with over 1,000 things to see and do in upcoming months at

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