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Lederhosen - Dirndl

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Lederhosen  Dirndl Oktoberfest Clothing -
Huntington Beach Old World Oktoberfest


Lederhosen (the men's leather pants and suspenders shown above) and Dirndl (the women's red dress), are outfits that will get you free admission into Oktoberfest on Sunday afternoons.


Lederhosen, German for leather trousers, are knee-breeches (knickerbockers or shorts) made of leather. They are made, in order of quality, from elk, goat, calf, or pig hide. Usually, they are handsomely and elaborately braided or embroidered with monograms, designs, or edelweiss, hunting or peasant motifs. The buttons are generally made of rough-hewn elkhorn. They are also usually accompanied by leather suspenders.

Traditionally, lederhosen were worn by Germanic men of the Alpine and surrounding regions, including Austria, the highlands and mountains of Southern Germany, the German-speaking part of Italy known as South Tyrol, which was formerly a part of Austria until after the Great War, and Switzerland.


Some claim that Lederhosen were worn all over Europe, especially by riders and hunters—and not just by peasants. Only the flap (drop front style) may actually be a unique Bavarian invention. It became so popular in the 18th Century, that it was known in France as à la bavaroise, or in the Bavarian style.

Lederhosen have remained popular and are commonly associated with virility and brawn. Some men still enjoy wearing them when hiking, working outdoors, or attending folk festivals and Beer Gardens, although they are rarely seen elsewhere. Nevertheless, they have remained a symbol of regional pride. Their role in Bavaria is thus comparable to that of the kilt in Scotland. And like men's Scottish attire, knee sox or knee-high sox are most often work with the pants.

A dirndl is a type of mass-produced dress sold in Germany based on the cultural style from the early 18th century. Until the 16th century, farmers and people of the lower classes wore gray or brown-colored garments. Other colors were not worn except for the blue-colored clothes allowed only on Sundays and holidays. Since the 16th century, two types of traditional country dress developed: work clothes and Sunday or festive attire.  The Dirndl came into popularity as a spin-off of the old style clothing made of organic fabrics. Dirndls are a product of the ready-to-wear fashion industry. No meaning is assigned to the dress and its design and the length of the skirt rises up and down as fashion trends dictate.

The Dirndl came into popularity when the industrial revolution took place by the middle of the 19th century. Dirndls are popular in Germany and Austria because they are pretty, fun, and inexpensive. You can purchase a Dirndl at a reasonable price and wear it to Oktoberfest. Dirndls are sold at Old World Village in Huntington Beach, California.


Oktoberfest is a celebration Huntington Beach, California has enjoyed for several decades. It is an event for mom, dads, teens, college students and even tiny tots and kids.


Oktoberfest Old World German Restaurant, 7561 Center Ave.,
Huntington Beach, California 92647  Call: (714) 895-8020