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Huntington Beach Old Pier Photo and Information, Huntington Beach, California

Old Picture of Huntington Beach Pier

Huntington Beach Pier is located at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street. For mapping purposes, use 315 Pacific Coast Highway. Call: 714-536-528. See photo of the original first-ever Huntington Beach Pier from 1904!  Back to Huntington Beach Pier or

Old Pictures Gallery  & PIER GALLERY

History of the Huntington Beach Pier. Huntington Beach Pier is one of Huntington Beach's focal points. The first pier, a 1,000 foot. long timber structure, was built in 1904, five years before the City of Huntington Beach was incorporated. In 1912, winter storms nearly destroyed the pier, and a $70,000 bond issue was approved by the voters to build a new pier. The 1,350 ft. pier was the longest, highest, and only solid concrete pleasure pier in the United States at that time.

In 1930, the pier was lengthened by 500 ft. with a caf'at the end. In 1939, a storm destroyed the end of the pier and the cafe. After reconstruction, it was re-opened in 1940. In 1941, the Navy commandeered the pier for submarine watch during World War II.

In March of 1983, storms severely damaged the end of the pier and the End of the Pier cafe, necessitating demolition and closure of the end of the pier. In September 1985, the rehabilitated pier reopened with a new two story End Cafe, only to be washed away again on January 17, 1988. The pier was declared unsafe and closed on July 12, 1988. In July 1990, the construction bid for the new pier was given to Reidel International. The new pier replicated the historic architectural style of the original 1914 concrete pier, complete with arched bents. The pier was built to withstand not only wave impact and uplift, but also earthquakes.

From Huntington Beach News June 12, 1914 newspaper edition:

The City Has One of the Finest Concrete Piers in the World
An Elaborate Program Has Been Prepared

For the Dedication of One of the Finest Pleasure Piers In Existence; Music Will Be Furnished By Donatelli's Famous Italian Band and Long Beach Municipal Band; Southern California Chorus of 150 Voices Among the Many Attractions.

It is certain that nor more elaborate preparations were ever prepared in a city of like population than those that have been arranged for the celebration of the one of the most magnificent concrete piers to be found on either of the American coasts, in this city, June 20 and 21.

The committee appointed by the Board of Trade to have general charge of the arrangements follows:  H.T. Sundbye, of Johnson & Sundbye, and president of Board of Trade; R.M. Dickinson, local manager for the Sharer Investment Co., and secretary of the Board of Trade; and H.B. Little, assistant cashier of the First National Bank and Savings Bank of Huntington Beach.

To this committee was added W.C. O'Connor, as chairman of the program committee, and the concessions committee consisting of Leonard Obarr, of Obarr's drug store, H.E. Talbert, confectionary dealer and City Marshal John Tinsley. And some of these men have given most of their time for the past three weeks and all of them have given much of their valuable time for the public good.

Special Meeting of the Board of Trade
There was a special meeting of the Board of Trade Tuesday evening with President Sundbye in the chair. Mr. Sundbye stated that at a prior meeting of the Board, a motion had prevailed limiting the expenditures of the pier celebration to $1200, the amount which the finance committee had agreed to raise by public pledges. And in order to carry out the entire program as had been outlined by the committee, some more money would be required, which would probably amount to $100 or $200 more than the original limit.

The program as outlined by the committee was read by Mr. Dickinson, who explained that the additional money asked for was in sight as it would be derived from concessions and additional pledges that would be made in a short time, but the committee desired the sanction of the board to spend this money, in order that members might not be personally liable for any amount over the $1200 limit.

A Slight Misunderstanding
Mr. Dickinson stated that the committee had arranged to take the Huntington Beach band along on the big booster excursion into the interior town Friday and Saturday, and had asked for a price which was given as $42, which was intended as a price per day, but the committee supposed it was for the trip. And the committee desired to put the matter up to the board as to whether the extra $42 expense should be incurred or not.

Ralph C. Turner, of Turner Department Store, inquired if the proposed trip would be all the part the home band would take in the Pier celebration festivities, and was answered in the affirmative.

M.A. Turner, of the same store, suggested the Japanese performers on the Sunday program be eliminated and the saving would take care of the band boys.

A motion was made by F.H. McElfresh, of the McElfresh Mercantile Co., seconded by Mr. Talbert, prevailed, that the Home Band boys be taken along on the booster trip.

Trustee W.E. Tarbox stated that he thought the committee should be authorized to spend all the money collected for the purpose of the celebration, and moved that the committee be authorized; the motion was seconded by Trustee M.E. Helme, who expressed a similar view, and prevailed by unanimous conset. If you do not believe that the committee has been busy read the following program:

Saturday, June 20
10 a.m. Band Concert, Donatelli's Famous Italian Band.
11 a.m. Dedication by Santa Ana Lodge No. 794 B.P.O. Elks; music by Long Beach Municipal Band; laying cornerstone; Inspection of the Pier.
1 p.m. Races and Events; 75yd race (boys under 14) 1st prize $1.00, 2nd prize .50. 50-yd race (girls under 14) 1st prize $1.00, 2nd prize .50.
2:30 p.m. Ball Game, Garden Grove vs. Pacific Electric; admission .25. Swimming and diving expedition under auspices of Los Angeles Athletic Club; Champion Juvenile Diver Ray Kegeris, 11 years; Ex-champion Juvenile Diver, Tommie Whitt, 9 yrs; Los Angeles Athletic Club champion diver, Paul Lisle, 9 yrs.