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The image above showcases the beautiful Huntington Beach Pier with its signature red domed restaurant Ruby's Diner.  For over 100 years the pier has graced this lovely city with its 8.5 miles of huge sandy beaches and spectacular scenery.  In the spring the flowers bloom after a rain, providing a picture perfect setting for this most photographed landmark in Huntington Beach. May events include Summer Concerts, Duck-A-Thon and warm weather for some beach fun.


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The calendar says it's April in Huntington Beach, California. Wax up your surfboard as Daylight Savings gives Californians an extra hour of sunlight to enjoy the beach and surfing. The water temperatures start to rise from that cool 57 degrees wintertime temp. and competitors get ready for some heavy surf championships that come during the summer months such as the US Open of Surfing in July.