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Huntington Beach Model in Huntington Beach Logo Shirts Sold as Gifts and Souvenirs
 pictures of a pretty huntington beach girl

Huntington Beach Girl Models Huntington Beach Shirts

Did you know there's an entire clothing line dedicated to the feminine side of Huntington Beach. The all new HB Store at 301 Main Street features Tshirts, tank tops, sweats, hats and the ever popular Sugar Floaties Sandals.  The entire line is a fashion statement that's becoming a rage with HB locals such as a lovely Huntington Beach girl who has become known for her acting and modeling. Beginning as a teen, she took up acting and graduated from a prestigious performing arts academy in Huntington Beach. Continuing her acting career this naturally-beautiful model has fantastic talent and exemplifies the best of Huntington Beach.  Above are modeling images recently taken for a new product line unveiled at the latest gift and souvenir store, The HB Store in Huntington Beach, California.

The photos above show only a single photo shoot done in less than two hours. This model has a large range of looks that include both young and playful to sophisticated mid-twenties. You can click on several of the photographs above to see more images of her and as time permits, this will expand into a greater portfolio.