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Labor Day Weekend CENTRAL PARK, Huntington Beach

Saturday August 30 - Sunday August 31, 2014
7111 Talbert Ave., Huntington Beach, CA
Free admission
Twilight Concert: Saturday after event

Sunday: Church services at 8 a.m.
Camp opens to the public at 9 a.m.
First battle at 11 a.m. 
Living History Weapons Demonstration at Noon
2nd Battle at 2 p.m.
President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address daily - 15 min after each battle Pass and Review Parade to follow the first battle on Saturday and the last battle on Sunday 

The Civil War Re-enactment in Huntington Beach Central Park is a blast, literally! The annual two-day event includes cannon blasts, fiddlers, banjos, flutes, drums, festive costumes, troop encampments and booths where  hoop skirts and military period costumes were sold. It is held on Labor Day Weekend and includes excitement, gun battles and patriotic services.  Huntington Beach Civil War Days Reenactment commemorates the Civil War. 

The encampment set-ups usually begin on Friday afternoons. Dressed in authentic costumes of the era, men, women and children participate in the re-enactments, including the gun battles. It is a family-oriented event that children enjoy.  On Saturday, two gun battles are usually scheduled, complete with canon fire. There is no actual firing of weapons but the sounds and acting simulate an actual battlefield. Sunday usually offers a morning church service open to the public and more fun. Food booths sell sodas, roasted corn and meat. Vendor booths sell hoop skirts, men's battle clothing, caps, hats, boots and socks and books, posters and items of interest to the audience.


Held on the huge grass lawns of the 350+ acreage of Central Park, the event is held in the portion of the park behind Huntington Central Library, providing ample free parking. Attendance to the event is usually free, as well.

And educational experience for young and old alike, the battle simulations provide an appreciation of the experiences of America's ancestors in the United States. Observance of the battles are strikingly in contrast to today's understanding of war and how battles are fought.

The non-profit organization that hosts the re-enactment seeks to educate the public and youth to the United States history, providing an entertaining platform that allows the lessons to come to life. If you've never seen this event, it is highly recommended as an attraction for even just an hour's visit. See calendar of events for current schedule.


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