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Huntington Beach Central Park (H.B.) Dog Park
Edwards & Inlet. Streets, Huntington Beach  714-536-5672 
    Huntington Beach, California -- Best Friend Dog Park of Huntington
    Beach provides a safe, fun place for dogs to socialize and exercise.

    Dog Park is an acre and a half of land located  next to Central Park on Edwards Street. It provides pooches the  opportunity to romp and play with their own kind.  A steel fence separates two huge pens, one for the 12" and below "small and challenged-dog". An honor system - "pay as you play" supports upkeep, disposable cleanup  bags and general expenses. SEE HOTELS THAT ACCEPT PETS

    If you think Huntington Beach is going to the dogs, bark "yes". Huntington Beach, California is particularly dog friendly and it shows. There's Dog Park, Dog Beach and Dog Dining.

    Here is how it works: When you enter, plug your money into a meter. Bring coinage and donate it, close the gate after you and clean up messes your dog makes, using the blue, dispenser bags.  The Dog Park is non-profit, supported through donations. Approximately $8,000 was used for fencing and dog waste bags.  

    The friends of The HB Dog Park purchased permanent fencing for the small park but need money for the entire area.  The path to the gated dog park is paved with names of pets. "Doggy Walk of Fame" patrons paid $100 to cast names and paw prints in tile.

    Safe Sane Sanitary Dog Park Rules

    No more than three (3) dogs per person are allowed in the Dog Park at one time.

    This is an off-leash only dog park. Dogs are to be unleashed inside the entrance safety zone before entering the park.

    Enter at your own risk. Dog owners are solely responsible for the actions of their pets and use this facility at their own risk. The City of Huntington Beach or the Best Friend Dog Park Foundation are not liable for injuries to animals or person.

    Clean up after your pet and clean up after everyone else's pet if you see it. The maintenance of this park is entirely the responsibility of the users and volunteers.

    Children MUST remain with arms reach of a supervising adult at ALL TIMES. This is a dog park, not a playground. It is not fair to dog owners to have to be aware of unsupervised children.

    Dog scuffles and fights will occurs as part of normal dog play and a single incident between two dogs does not mean that a dog is "aggressive." However, a dog that consistently exhibits dominant aggression toward other dogs MUST leave the park immediately without debate. This is a judgment call by the general consensus of people in the park at the time.

    If you own a small dog and are in the large dog side, you are risking your dog being treated as "prey" by large dogs. Existing court cases have ruled that owners of large dogs that injure small dogs are NOT liable if there is a separate area designated specifically for small dogs only.

    Food, dog treats, sports activities, bicycles, dog training or dogs in season are ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED.

    City of Huntington Beach / Best Friend Dog Park Foundation

    In partnership to protect, preserve and improve the Best Friend Dog Park of Huntington Beach for the benefit of dog owners and their dogs.

    History:   In 1995, the City of Huntington Beach granted the land for a Dog Park for a three month trial. The only restriction was that the park had to be maintained and funded entirely by The Friends of The  Huntington Beach Dog Park and community donations.  The park opened in May of 1995. Donations to the Dog Park are tax deductible. Funds collected by  the City go into a separate donation account for the Dog Park.   Dog Park Hot Line: 714-536-5672  Please make checks payable to: CITY OF HUNTINGTON BEACH - DOG PARK,  2000 Main Street,  Huntington Beach, CA. 92648    

    Dog Diner     Dog Beach   Dog Photo Gallery



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