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Shipley Nature Center
Central Park, Huntington Beach, California

    "We sleepwalk through our environment. Most of us are totally unaware of how little of our natural environment now remains in coastal Southern California. I submit that man may need some natural areas in his human environment much more than does our depleted wildlife." -Donald Shipley
Donald D. Shipley Nature Center in Central Park is an 18-acre forest which includes an Interpretive Center. Donations are appreciated but admission is FREE. This wall mural is part of a display which includes live fish swimming in a pool at the base of the wall painting. 
Photos ' Debbie Stock
This is a "hands on" opportunity for youth and adults. Naturalist Dave Winkler tells the young man on the right to not be afraid. In his center, it is OK to touch displays. "This was extremely interesting," said the boy's escort, a local resident and grandmother. 

With an easy going style and animated delivery, visitors seem spellbound as Winkler tells them about creatures in the Interpretive Center and beyond. 

"A gentleman who lived behind the nature center dropped by one day and asked me what could be living on his roof," he said. "I suggested it might be opossums or some type of rodent."   

"Could foxes live up there' I think that's what is on my roof," the neighbor queried. Winkler offered a frown and said it was unlikely. The neighbor then pulled out photos and asked him to take a look. Pictured were several red foxes sitting on a roof top on Rio Vista Drive in Huntington Beach.  

Foxes were apparently were climbing a shed on the man's property and hopping from there onto the roof. As coyotes have encroached into their territory, the few that exist have begun to seek other places to live, Winkler stated.   "Let's say that there are possibly only a few foxes in this territory."