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Huntington Beach Central Park Aerial Photo


Huntington Beach Central Park Aerial Photo includes most of the 350+ acres making up Huntington Central Park. Back to Central Park Main Page

Huntington Beach's Central Park seen in aerial photo above includes a new Sports Complex with baseball diamonds. The lake shown in lower left is not accessible to the public. Lake Huntington is open to the public as a fishing lake seen in the upper left portion of picture. Next to the playing fields in the center of the photo is the huge parking lot for sports activities. Beyond what are actually two sets of parking lots separated by fencing, there's a perfectly rectangular-shaped rooftop for the Central Library and Cultural Center.  The lawns and trees behind that building are home to summer concerts, special events and walking paths for the public to enjoy daily. On the far right lower corner of the photo are oil storage drums where oil is pumped in an underground system and from this station, transported by trucks.

There's a long ribbon of road that stretches across the photo horizontally.  That is Golden West Street.  On the upper portion of the image is the other half of Central Park that's separated by that thoroughfare. Franciscan Fountains housing tract with Mesa View School is on the upper right. A drainage channel slightly visible as a gray line in the photo separates it from Shipley Nature Center which includes that green roof-top structure running parallel to Golden West Street. Past the brown dirt field in the upper center portion, is the Huntington Beach Disc Golf (Frisbee) playing field.  Lake Huntington runs along the perimeter of that course, seen in the upper portion of the image. On the far left side of the photo in the upper quadrant are the horse stables and fenced areas of Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center. 



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