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Alice's Breakfast in the Park, Huntington Beach, California
6622 Lakeview, Huntington Beach, California  (714) 848-0690


Alice's Breakfast in the Park restaurant in Huntington Beach's Central Park is Closed. It reopens at Kathy May's with same great look, similar menu.

HUNTINGON BEACH, Calif. ' Alice Gustafson and daughter, Mary Beth, have owned and operated Alice's Breakfast in the Park for 28 years. But in 2008, their philosophy of doing what they know best (making great food and serving a loyal client base of seniors, middle age folks and families with kids) may not be enough.

Located in a red building (looks like a barn) that stands out as you gaze across Lake Huntington from the hilltop Central Park Equestrian Center vantage point, is especially known for cinnamon rolls. But as you enter the shop, you'll discover a variety of fresh baked breads and cookies, as well. Neighbors "in the know" come in to purchase breads they take home with them. 

Gustafson and her (deceased) husband, John, formerly owned the End of the Pier Caf'at Huntington Beach pier. A commemoration to John and the glory days can be found at Alice's as you enter the restaurant and look to the left where you'll see photos and a big map with stick points for all the visitors from around the globe who have dined at Alice's. End of the Pier restaurant was destroyed in the 1980s by a storm, but that did not deter this attractive lady from persevering and doing what she loved best--serving food to the public.

Gustafson's business is one of many contracted on city-owned land to operate selling food and other services. Among the list of concessions are Zack's Beach Catering & Concessions, Dwight's, Jack's and Park Bench Cafe across the street in the Central Park East.  The city also offers concession opportunities in a small Central Library cafe, City Hall cafe, and new Huntington Beach Sports Complex.

The city announced an RFP to the public, developers and businesses for acquisition and renovation of the current Alice's Breakfast in the Park as a cafe/bistro that may potentially serve wine & beer, and stay open till 10 p.m.

The final decision about the site and Breakfast in the Park is up to the City Council.


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