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Huntington Beach Pet Friendly - Alices Breakfast in the Park


Huntington Beach features many dog friendly places such as Alices Breakfast in the Park.  Some people are of the misconception that Park Bench Cafe is the only pet friendly restaurant in Central Park. It's not true. Alice's also has food items for dogs, too. Plus, they sell duck feed for around $1/bag. Kids love to feed the ducks that hang around the patio overlooking Lake Huntington.

Alice's has served up hot breakfasts and heavenly cinnamon rolls for several decades now since her pier restaurant closed after a huge storm tore it down in the early 1980s. Alice Gustafson was best known as the wife of John, who road the huge 3-wheel bike up and down the pier. He truly was the ambassador for Huntington Beach back in the old days when people clung to the small town charm and old-fashioned feel of Huntington Beach. Alice carries that tradition with a family that includes her daughter who helps operate the Breakfast in the Park Cafe. Her son owns Gustafson Car Repair on Gothard Street near Seacliff Shopping Center. You'll never find a family that symbolizes Huntington Beach more than the Gustafsons.

Some may argue that the Mandics, Ali family with Zack's Beach Concessions and Michelle Turner family with Sugar Shack all represent Huntington Beach as well. The friendly, old-time feel isn't gone from this beachside community. You have to know where to look to find the old friends, great businesses and families that have made Huntington Beach their home for decades and even a century.

As for dogs in the park, Central Park is one of a dog's favorite hang outs.  Around the bend from this lake location at Alice's is the big dog and little dog parks. Free of charge, dogs can romp and roam in fenced areas that are well maintained and extremely popular.  There have been City Council meetings in Huntington Beach dealing with the issues of the popularity of this dog park, in fact. It seems some people like to bring their pets to play before or after work and unfortunately, the neighbors across the way hear the barking sounds, saying they experience no sanctuary in their homes. The hours have been modified and the dog park was supposed to be relocated but no permanent location has been determined as of this publication.



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