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 Dog Gallery

    Beach Dogs

    When the tail is up, it means the dog is happy, right' Huntington Dog Beach is one of Southern California's favorite dog and pet owner hangouts for a day of fun with your very own friend. The beach enjoys great attendance by pet owners who bring their dogs to romp and play in the Pacific Ocean. Dog Beach is located along Pacific Coast Highway on the northern boundary of Huntington City Beach between Seapoint and Golden West Streets. Admission is free but the metered parking costs $0.25/ per 10 minutes.  Surfers enjoy this beach as well so stewards of Dog Beach on hand distribute literature and keep an eye open for any problems that may occur.

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Little Rascal

Ground Squirrel

Power Walking

In a Rut

Many Faces

Table Top Pups

Belmont Cat

Water Child

Lab Rescue


2 Poodles

 Pug Dog Willie

 All photographs are brought to you from Professional Photographer, Debbie Stock. All photos are copyrighted (C) © Debbie Stock  and may not be reprinted or copied and used for any purpose per copyright laws.