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Hundreds of people walk their dogs daily in Huntington Central Park in Huntington Beach, California. To some, no day is complete without a walk with your dog in Huntington Beach. There are over 350 acres of lovely trails to explore and a very special treat, Huntington Beach Dog Park.

Notice the bag the girl is carrying in her hand.  Stations along the trails of Huntington Beach and downtown Main Street feature dog refuse dispensers. Nothing ruins your day more than stepping into a pile left by some dog whose owner was not polite. With thousands of people populating the region and millions visiting in the summer season, life would be quite unpleasant if owners did not take care of their pets' deposits in public places. It is municipal code to keep your dog on a leash and clean up after your pet.

Surprisingly, Huntington Dog Beach claims it offers one of the cleanest beaches in Huntington Beach. Disputes over the quality of the sand and water there have risen from time to time so volunteer and paid stewards act as guardians to the public property they hold dear. Abuses can threaten the viability of such privileged areas for dogs. Please enjoy the public spaces with your pet and be mindful of others.

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