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Celebrity Swimsuit Signing

Keeira Lyn Ford signed autographs in her bikini wrap recently on Huntington City Beach. The multi-talented actress and singer has appeared on programs such as Hanging with Mr. Cooper.

Women and girls in swimsuits are currently offer greater eye candy or style in swimsuit fashion. The men's clothing lines for the current season bring the pants down to or below the boys and men's knees. Unlike the men, however, girls and women continue to bare their bottoms in fashionable straight cuts that reveal less that the year or two past.  But the styles still are attractive, revealing and appealing. 

If the population tends toward being the heaviest its ever been, where are all these overweight people when you only see beautiful California girls, especially in Huntington Beach'  The human mind, again, selectively ignores the majority of average people and seeks out the cream of the crop.  Pound for pound if you measure the number and quality of the beach bikini ladies, you'll find they rank among the top in the USA.  There are over 11 million girls, women, men, boys, babies and children visiting Huntington Beach annually. That's a lot of people watching.

What's great about Huntington Beach is that its healthy weather fosters an outdoor lifestyle of exercise and healthy living.  Girls and women looking for bikinis, bra-tops and skirtinis can shop all year long at stores on Main Street in Huntington Beach. Voted as the best place in Orange County to shop for kids, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the cutting edge styles and beach attire that's available anytime.

Diane's Swimwear and Merrilee's are two shops that specialize in swimsuits, bathing suits, beach wear and fashionable cover-ups in Huntington Beach. You'll find them on the ever popular Main Street.

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