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Body Art with Spray Paint at US Open Surfing Huntington Beach



Huntington Beach Pier


Every company under the sun sprayed body art with spray paint cans and stencils on the skin of youngster, teens and adults. From tummies to legs, chests, to breasts, the spray paint came in fluorescent shades and was all over the human population that attended the US Open of Surfing and Beach Games in Huntington Beach.

The water-based paint can be washed off quite easily but was one of the most popular things to do in the many booths and activities at the Transworld Surfing Village. The event lasted a week with the final two days drawing huge crowds, surfing, bmx, fmx bikes, singing, tribal drumming and all kinds of crazy fun.

Monster Surfboard
World Record
Main Street Jam
Not Smiling
Sonny Garcia
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Keeira Lyn Ford
Celebrity Smile

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A typical day at the US Open

8 a.m.            Men Round 12 Heats 1 through 4 at USOS Surf Stadium

8:30 a.m.       Soul Bowl  Open Practice

9 a.m.            Festival Village Opens

9:40 a.m.       Men Quarter Heats 1 through 4 at USOS Surf Stadium

10:30 a.m.      Soul Bowl Skate Open Session

11 a.m.           Soul Bowl Pro Skate Jam

11:20 a.m.       They Will Surf Again Express Session Charity from Life Rolls On

Noon                Soul Bowl Bike Practice      

Noon                FMX Arena FMX Demo 

12:05 p.m.       Men Semi Heats 1 through 2

12:30 p.m.       Soul Bowl Bike Final

12:55 p.m.       Lost Pro Junior Finals

1:25 p.m.         Honda Men's US Open of Surfing US Open of Surfing Finals

1:30 p.m.         Soul Bowl Arrowhead Bike High Air Contest

2 p.m.              Soul Bowl Bike Awards

2 p.m.              Volleyball Karch Kiraly Invitational Semi

2:15 p.m.         FMX Arena FMX Demo

2:45 p.m.         Soul Bowl Team Skate Jam

3 p.m.              Volleyball Karch Kiraly Invitational Final

3:45 pm.           Soul Bowl Skate Awards

3:45 p.m.          FMX Arena FMX Demo

4:15 p.m.          Concert Stage North of the Pier Concert #1


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HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.' Surf, sun, boards and bikes all converge at the Bank of the West Beach Games at the famed Huntington Beach Pier. California's quintessential action sport and lifestyle festival showcases professional surfing, skateboarding, BMX, FMX and beach volleyball competitions along with live music amid America's largest ocean-front exposition. Attendance is expected to exceed previous.