Huntington Beach once had a riot that many say was caused after some rowdy attendees of the OP Surfing Competition and Swimsuit Contest got a little out of hand.  Reportedly one person pulled down the bathing suit of a swimsuit competitor and then all hell broke loose.

While half our family was at home watching the reports, several family member were downtown when the riot broke out. They heard people yell, Run! They looked behind them on Main Street and saw police with billy clubs chasing after the crowd. Running as fast as they could down Main Street, the escaped the melee by the skin of their teeth. Our relatives from Illinois still talk about this memorable vacation in Huntington Beach that they will never forget. 

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Huntington Beach
 Hunting Beach
Girl at Sign
Huntington Beach
Red Car
Franklin Roosevelt
4th of July Parade
1908 Swim Fashion
Huntington Beach
 Robin William
Golden Bear - @Perqs
Guys in Shorts
Huntington Beach
John Mayall
Golden Bear@Perqs

Kenny Rankin

Golden Bear
Fishing Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach Pier
Steve Martin
Golden Bear@Perqs
Bachman Turner
Golden Bear@Perqs
Golden Bear building and signage from the 1980s

Golden Bear@Perqs

Soap Box Derby
Huntington Beach
Main Street
Post Office
Post Office 2005
Realty Co. Office

Beach Carousel

Evangeline Hotel
OldPix/Man on 3 while bike at Huntington Beach Pier
End of the Pier Cafe
John Gustafson
Huntington Surfer
 Surfing Huntington
Hoyt Axton
Golden Bear@Perqs
Main Street Biz
OldPix/Matthew Helme and His Family pose for photo in front of Historic Helme Building
Matthew Helme(15)
Helme Building
Salt Water Plunge
Huntington Beach
Carnegie Library
Huntington Beach

Kenny Rankin

Golden Bear@Perqs
Linda Rondstadt
Golden Bear@Perqs
New Riders of the
Purple Sage
Golden Bear
 Band Poster
Golden Bear@Perqs
The End Cafe
HB Strut Punk- Rock
1939 Hurricane in Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach
Riot Photo

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Those who have visited or lived in Huntington Beach for more than 10 years may remember the oil derricks along Pacific Coast Highway. Walking to the beach, surfers, tourists and locals all had to walk around them to get to the ocean. Finally, they were capped and none remain along the waterfront. Tourists often send emails asking if the oil platforms along the ocean are noticeable and create an atmosphere not pleasant for visiting. The answer is that while you will have these platforms in some of your scenic photos in which you include ocean vistas, they are situated offshore far enough that they are not strikingly noticeable. Today, you can see an occasional machine pumping oil near a house, at the wetlands or even along Edwards Hill and Golden West streets. But you will not see anything like the picture above, taken years ago.


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