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California Greetings Photos of Pineapples on Plates, Plaques, Trays, Napkins & More


Pineapple home decor is in, especially at the beach. People absolutely love shopping for items that remind them of the tropical experience Huntington Beach provides. The warm, lush climate, palm trees everywhere and earthy colors of the sand and sea make shopping for tropical items a breeze. California Greetings features an extensive collection of Hawaiian-themed gifts and home decor.  The selection changes daily so you must shop often or miss these great treasures.

Have you ever wanted a decorator pillow shaped like a pineapple to place on your sofa' What about a unique wedding gift that includes 4 individually-boxed china plates each with a unique type of pineapple hand painted on it'  Such items make perfect gifts. Believe it or not, the selection at California Greetings is larger, more extensive and priced better than anything we've found in Hawaii. Many actually realize that Huntington Beach offers a finer climate than the islands, but bragging rights are kept as a local secret. Just enjoy the pineapple decor sold in Huntington Beach without the humidity and rain required to make it grow.

Monkey Flip Flops
Beach Pillows
Pineapple Decor
Baby Beach Blankets
Mermaid Stone ware
Beach Baby Bibs
Stuffed animals
Retro Wall Clock
Tiki Farm
Cards extreme

California Greetings
301 Main Street #110
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Phone: 714-960-1688