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Shop till you Drop in  Huntington Beach, California at


Shoppers love the jewelry boutique that carries everything you may want in Huntington Beach, California

Oftentimes, women don't receive the jewelry they prefer so many of them have a secret shopping spree for themselves. Now women can remove the guilt from this process because of  the matching gift items such as the "His and Hers" matching watches from Geneve, shown above.  The watches above have a beautiful white gold finish that feels solid and smooth in your hands. The watch is more than a functional item, but a fine piece of jewelry you can wear daily and adore. The white gold finish is elegant but not shiny, something many men prefer. The man's watch is larger than the woman's and include the date function.  The watches can be sold separately but make a wonderful treasure for some couple that wants to celebrate commitment in a symbolic manner through very special treasure.