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Core Tour Boarder in Huntington Beach heads straight down a ramp
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Huntington Beach, California - Nothing beats the adrenalin of shoving off the ledge of a tall ramp and heading straight down for maximum momentum to launch yourself into the stratosphere flying through the air to land on the other side of the platform with style and grace.  It takes practice and is not for those who change their minds. Once you push off, it's up to you to pull it off. Core Tour brings out local daredevils who spend their days and nights practicing stunts to compete for cash and trophies. Part of the extreme sports genre is the video. Contests for best video also offer prizes and sometimes air time on television. It's not all about the money but the money is an incentive for having some X-treme fun.

Core Tour is an annual event that brings together all of the best core sport athletes in BMX Dirt Jumping, In-Line, Mountain Boarding and Skateboarding. Add in some of the best up and coming bands, DJ's, and a few big name bands and these events rock!

But the best part about the Core Tour is that it's FREE to attend. Held in September at Pier Plaza next to the Huntington Beach Pier, see the Calendar of Events for schedule. Come see top name athletes, hear great music, see some big crashes and score some FREE stuff. What more do you need'

Core Tour Skateboarder Launches from ramp
Ramp Launch
Backside of guys with surfboard watching Core Tour
Surf Boardom
at Core Tour
Backside of guys watching Core Tour from ground angle show pants with chains
Chains & Things
Crowd scene at Core Tour skateboard extreme competition
Skateboard Flyer
Dozens of BMX bikes in pit at Core Tour
Bike Pit
Bike rider does 360 degree flip at Core Tour King of the Dirt Hill Competition
BMX 360 High Flyer
Wide angle view of audience watching BMX stunt rider at Core Tour
Core Crowd

Core Tour competition skateboarder speeds down yellow ramp
Ramp Amps