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Beginning in 1994, the Huntington Beach Surfing Walk of Fame marked an historic addition to "Surf City." The walk extends along the sidewalks of Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway, leading to California's longest municipal pier, across the street. There's a  Walk of Fame selection committee which conducts ongoing research through surf associations, museums and media venues around the world to compile a comprehensive ballot of  qualified candidates. An annual induction ceremony takes place at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street. Each inductee receives a granite stone placed in the sidewalk in front of Jack's Surfboards, the Walk of  Fame sponsor. The Walk pays tribute to those individuals who have contributed to surfing and its culture and are deserving of recognition.

Surfing Walk of Fame inductions ceremony will be held on Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 10 a.m. in front of Jacks Surfboards. Public is invited, free to attend.

Surf Culture  Surf culture - nominated from the arts and/or administration field and must have helped create a define surfing culture.
2011 Dick Dale
2010 Dave Rochlen
2009 Duke Boyd
2008 Drew Kampion
2007 Bill & Bob Meistrell
2006 Walter & Phillip Hoffman
2005 George Greenough
2004 Gordon Clark
2003 Larry "Flame" Moore
Steve Pezman
Simon Anderson
2000 MacGillivray Freeman
1999 Leroy Grannis
1998 Jack O'Neill
1997 Hobie Alter & Rick Griffin
1996 BrownBud
1995 John Severson
1994 Bruce Brown

Surf Champion Surfing champion - must have held World Championship and/or World Class events titles specific to the City of Huntington Beach.

2011 Rob Machado
2010 Sunny Garcia & Ian Cairns
2009 Mark Martinson
2008 Andy Irons
2007 Midget Farrelly
2006 L.J. Richards
2005 David Nuuhiwa
2004 Corky Carroll
2003Martin Potter
2002 Kelly Slater
2001 Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew
2000 Mark Occhilupo
1999 Tom Carrol
1998 Peter "PT" Townend
1997 Shaun Tomson
1996 Nat Young
1995 Tom Curren
1994 Mark Richard

Surf Pioneer Surf pioneer - based on achieved surfing fame as respected surfers or pioneers in the time before major championships; candidates must have reached the age of fifty years old or are deceased.

2011 Skip Frye
2010 Dewey Weber
2009 Fred Hemmings
2008 Buzzy Trent & Wayne Lynch
2007 George Greenough
2006 Mickey Mu'z
2005 Buffalo Keaulana
2004 Pat Curren
2003 Mike Doyle
2002 Miki Dora
2001 Rabbit Kekai
2000 Eddie Aikau & Gerry Lopez
1999 George Downing
1998 Dr. John Heath "Doc" Ball
1997 Dale Velzy
1996 Greg Noll
1995 Phil Edwards
1994 Tom Blake
1994 Honorary Duke Kahanamoku "Father of Surfing"
Women of the Year Women of the year - female who achieved the most votes collectively from any of the above categories.
2011 Debbie Beacham & Kathy "Gidget" Kohner Zuckerman
2010 Candy Calhoun
2009 Wendy Botha
2008 Lynn Boyer
2007 Mimi Munro
2006 Layne Beachley
2005 Kim Hamrock
2004 Lisa Andersen
Marge Calhoun
2002 Kim Mearig
2001 Janice Aragon
2000 Nancy Katin
1999 Jericho Poppler
1998 Frieda Zamba
1997 Linda Benson
1996 Rell Sunn
1995 Margo Oberg
1994 Joyce Hoffman

Honor Roll The Honor Roll was created to honor those individuals who have contributed to surfing and it's culture and are deserving of recognition, but might not qualify to receive a stone on the Walk of Fame. Honor Roll recipients are selected by the Surfing Walk of Fame Board of Directors.

2011 The Hole in the Wall Gang
2010 Dick Baker
2009 50 Years at the HB Pier (Men's and Women's)
2008 The NSSA Founders of 1978
2007 The H.B. Boys of 55'
2006 Jan Gaffney
2005 Paul Morrow
2004 Meg Bernardo
2003 Michelle Turner
2002 Andy Verdone
2001 Max Bowman
2000 Mike Abdelmuti & George Farquhar
1999 Chuck Allen
1998 Ann Beasley & Natalie Kotsch
1997 Bud & Gordie Higgins
1996 Tom Pratte & John Rothrock
1995 Jack Hokanson
1994 none

Local Hero Local hero - either resided 10 years in Huntington Beach or graduated from the Huntington Union School district and were finalists in championships in category Surfing Champions, contributed to Huntington Surfing Culture, were Surf Pioneers in the City, or were champions of the annual Huntington City Championships.

 2011 Bill Fury
2010 Rick "Rockin Fig" Fignetti
2009 Jackie Baxter
2008 Rich Chew
2007 Scott Farnsworth
2006 Bob "The Greek" Bolen
2005 Carl Hayward
2004 Rich Harbor
2003 Chuck Linnen
2002 Brad Gerlach
2001 David Nuuhiwa
2000 Bud Llamas
1999 Jack Haley
1998 Chuck Dent
1997 Gordie Duane
1996 Corky Carroll
1995 Herbie Fletcher
1994 Robert August

Corky Carroll is a legend in the sport of surfing. He was United States overall champion five times, International  Professional Champion three times, winner of the World small wave Championship, and the International Big Wave Championship, and was named the "Best  Surfer in the World" By Surfer Magazine. He is a renowned designer of surfboards and equipment, and director of surfing  at the Corky Carroll Surf Camp in Huntington Beach, California. He also writes a weekly surf column for a newspaper and sometimes plays in a band at Duke's Restaurant in Huntington Beach. 

Rick Griffin, cartoonist and illustrator was inducted  into the Surfing Walk of Fame in Huntington Beach (Surf City) at the US Open in 1997.   The award consisted of: a Certificate of Congressional Recognition from the US Congress, Recognition contributions to Surfing Culture from California State Assembly and an etched granite stone placed in the Surfing Walk of Fame at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street.  Rick died in a motorcycle accident in 1991.

Tom Pratte Inducted Into Surfing Walk of Fame   Protecting of the beaches and waves was Tom Pratte's obsession. He helped to create the Surfrider Foundation, serving as their first executive director and paid employee from 1985 - 1990. Pratte aided in negotiating a settlement with Chevron Oil Company in El Segundo that set a legal precedent and established a surf break as a coastal resource. He also worked to block plans for a major marina at Bolsa Chica State Beach, a massive commercial development on the wetlands of Huntington Beach, and a breakwater at Imperial Beach. A graduate of Marina High School in Huntington Beach and Humboldt State University, Pratte personally brought the concerns of the average surfer out of the water and into the political arena. Dubbed the father of modern surfing environmentalism, he passed away after a short struggle with cancer on April 6, 1994.

John Severson,  creator of  SURFER Magazine, grew up surfing off the beaches of Southern California. He began his career as a painter, selling his first works while finishing his Master's Degree at Cal State Long Beach. In the '50s he became the first person to create a large body of art relating to the Hawaii-California surf culture. In 1958, John used his art, photography, and surfing passion to create a popular surf movie series. His films included SURF SAFARI, SURF FEVER, BIG WEDNESDAY, and PACIFIC VIBRATIONS. As a surfer, Severson was known for riding big waves, and for his innovative performance style in big surf. In 1961, he won the Peru International Surfing Championships and was a finalist in the U.S. and Hawaiian Championships.

Rell Sunn was an Hawaiin surfer honored with a granite stone in the Huntington Beach Surfing Walk of Fame. The walk stretches down Main Street, which leads to the famed Huntington Beach Pier and intersects California's Pacific Coast Highway. During induction ceremonies Thursday, Sunn's stone will be etched with her accomplishments as Hawaii's first wahine lifeguard, a surfing champion, founder of the Menehune Contest and worldwide ambassador of aloha. "That's surf city, it's a special place," Sunn said of Huntington Beach. "I think it's an honor to be on the Walk of Fame with Duke Kahanamoku," the father of modern surfing and the first surfer honored with a plaque on the walk. World Champion Surfer Rell Sunn, the "Queen of Makaha", affectionately known to the children of the Wai'anae Coast as Auntie Rell passed away on Friday, January 2, 1997. Before women had their own surfing competitions, Aunty Rell beat many men in their own meets and led to the addition of women's competitions. In 1982, she was ranked ranked first in International Professional Surfing. She helped organize the Women's Surfing Hui and the Women's Professional Surfing Association and in 1975, she founded the women's professional tour. Aunty Rell was also a DJ on KCCN, a physical therapist and Cancer research counselor, Hawai'i's first woman lifeguard, and the founder of the 23 year old Menehune Surf Meet for Hawai'i's children.  At dusk on New Year's Day, she made one final visit to her favorite surf spot, Makaha Beach, carried on a stretcher by her family and laid on a bed beside the water where her final wish was fulfilled to taste the sea on her lips once again. (January 3, 1997) 

Peter "PT" Townend has long been a maverick on a mission to put surfing on a level playing field with other sports. Born in Austalia, he won the world title in 1978.  Among his many credits are performances, portraying Jack Barlow, a character based on Malibu legend Kemp Aaberg for the filming of the Hollywood film Big Wednesday. Townend immigrated to Huntington Beach, California and developed pro contests on the mainland, along with directing and promoting the NSSA . He  helped coach the US Team to prominence, mentoring Tom Curren and a host of other  NSSA stars into professional careers. He rose to the position of associate publisher Surfing magazine and worked as commentator for Bud Tour events on the Prime Network  and ESPN.  He is a founding member of  the Huntington Beach Surfing Walk of Fame, a member of the advisory boards of the ASP and Surfrider Foundation and served two years as president of the Surf Industry Manufacturers' Association (SIMA).  He has overseen numerous publications, including Surfing Girl, Surf Guide and Bodyboarding and recently launched a publication for a targeted, mature surfing audience. 

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