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QUIKSILVER FOUNDATION'S NIAS FUND SEEDS SURFAID'S TSUNAMI RELIEF EFFORTS--The Quiksilver Foundation, operated from Corporate Headquarters in Huntington Beach,  has already generated results from its recently seeded Nias Fund, which has benefited international relief organization SurfAid's efforts in Indonesia's tsunami-struck region. The Quiksilver Foundation ('pageID=2764) is utilizing the international company's spectrum of global resources to help deliver aid to the region.

With Quiksilver Foundation support, The SurfAid medical team is running clinics in multiple geographical locations to increase their efficiency and reach. Currently, the team is traveling by boat headed north up the coast of western Nias. This will service villages impacted by the tsunami and assess and treat villages with small populations that are hard to access and where it is believed no medical attention has been given to date.

With contributions from the Nias Fund and other donors, SurfAid ( has secured $500,000 worth of medical supplies and equipment, including general medicines, 10,000 mosquito nets, 10,000 malaria rapid diagnostic tests, 2,000 treatments of ACT malaria drugs, 8,000 measles and tetanus vaccines, vitamin A, Iron, nutritional supplements and surgical supplies. The organization has also recruited and mobilized 40 full-time aid workers, comprised of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, community facilitators, researchers, interpreters, and communications, logistics and management staff. The goal of this Tsunami Relief campaign is to generate global, cross-industry, surf-related and public support for this international tragedy, which has wiped out entire villages, decimated families, isolated communities and created a regional medical emergency.

The Indies Trader II, sister ship to the Quiksilver Crossing's Indies Trader, has been utilized as a mobile headquarters for the effort with independent communications system and water purification capabilities. Under the direction of Indies Trader Company Principal and Skipper Martin Daly, it has transported SurfAid workers to needy communities around the country, where they have supplied detailed condition assessments, delivered aid, distributed supplies and provided urgent medical care. Stationed in mobile clinics with units for triage and treatment, immunizations and malaria control and education, the SurfAid medical technicians have made it a priority to treat each patient with respect, care and a high level of western medicine. Having established relationships with North Sumatra and Aceh health departments to secure legal permissions and cooperation with the aid effort, they have gone from village to village and treated hundreds of cases of broken bones, malaria, typhoid, respiratory tract infections, goiter, fever, diarrhea and more; while also supplying vaccines for measles, cholera, and tetanus.

In addition to this medical relief effort, Quiksilver has sent young, award-winning filmmaker Timmy Turner, winner of the 2004 SURFER POLL Video Award for his film, "Second Thoughts," to the region with the goal of documenting the work of SurfAid and capturing the rebuilding process that is taking place. His journal, photos and video clips are being sent back to Huntington Beach via satellite phone, updated daily and posted at on the Nias Fund mini-site.

"As destructive as the tsunami itself was, the aftermath it left represents an unprecedented humanitarian threat, and SurfAid really stepped up to become an important part of the solution," said Bruce Raymond, President, Quiksilver International. "We are humbled and motivated by the support of the SurfAid workers, the charter boat operators and crew, our friends and surfers alike."

"An undertaking of this scale presents an organizational challenge that usually requires 6-12 months to coordinate, and we obviously didn't have that kind of time," said Andrew Griffiths, CEO, SurfAid International. "The Quiksilver Foundation's support has helped us to get up and running in only a matter of days, and we are eminently grateful for their contribution. This is the largest public health initiative ever undertaken in this region, and it's made possible by the support of the global surfing community with seed funding from Quiksilver and the overwhelming support that has followed from the Indies Trader Company, Billabong, New Zealand Aid and Australia Aid, plus government agencies, other companies and individuals," continued Griffiths.

All monies raised are accounted for and channeled directly through the Quiksilver Foundation to support the Nias Fund, SurfAid International and other relevant aid agencies, with further fundraising efforts planned for the long-term recovery plan.

SurfAid International's Tsunami Relief team, based in their Padang field office, has coordinated relief efforts and supports logistics, administration and cross-functional communication efforts in collaboration with other aid organizations. Its work in Nias continues to be led on site by Dr. Dave Jenkins.

"It was crucial for the world to respond immediately to the tsunami, the most devastating natural disaster of this generation," said Kathie Armstrong, Executive Director, The Quiksilver Foundation. "We are honored to support SurfAid's efforts in the region and are committed to keep bringing together as large a coalition as possible to make a difference and help these people, many of whom have lost everything."

The Quiksilver Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to protecting and enhancing the quality of Boardriders' communities throughout the world in the support of environmental, educational, cultural and scientific projects. The Quiksilver Foundation was created by Quiksilver Inc. and is based in Huntington Beach, California.

SurfAid International is a non-profit aid organization working to significantly improve the health of the Mentawai people through local health and education programs. SurfAid encourages and coordinates the support of the global surfing community to help accomplish their mission.

The Nias Fund is an initiative of the Quiksilver Foundation - a non-profit organization committed to protecting and enhancing the quality of Boardriders' communities throughout the world in the support of environmental, educational, cultural and scientific projects.

To donate to the Nias Fund, visit'pageID=2764, call 714-889-7198 or email or SurfAid Disaster Relief (

To support ongoing relief efforts in the region and to make donations to the Quiksilver Foundation, visit or direct to SurfAid Disaster Relief

Quiksilver designs, produces and distributes clothing, accessories and related products for young-minded people and develops brands that represent a casual lifestyle-driven from a boardriding heritage. Quiksilver's authenticity is evident in its innovative products, events and retail environments across the globe.

Quiksilver's primary focus is apparel, footwear and related accessories for young men and young women under the Quiksilver, Roxy, DC Shoes, Raisins, and Radio Fiji labels. Quiksilver also manufactures apparel, footwear and related accessories for boys (Quiksilver Boys and Hawk Clothing), girls (Roxy Girl, Teenie Wahine and Raisins Girls), men (Quiksilveredition and Fidra) and women (Leilani swimwear), as well as snowboards, snowboard boots and bindings under the Lib Technologies, Gnu, DC Shoes, Roxy and Bent Metal labels. Quiksilver's products are sold throughout the world, primarily in surf shops, skate shops and other specialty stores that provide an authentic retail experience for our customers.