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  Huntington Beach Pierside Gallery Photos & Store Information
Pierside Gallery is closed at this location

Pierside Gallery in Huntington Beach sells original art from artists Michael Parkes, Dan Johnson, Thomas Kinkade - The Good Life, Make a Wish Cottage, Abundant Harvest, City by the Bay and more, Nechita new releases such as Peace is Not an Option, Hessam, Pino - Mediterranean Breeze, Behrens, Sabzi, Stiltz, Davis, Coleman, Wren, Suljakov, Shvaiko, Ellenshaw, Tim Rogerson works reminiscent of Todd White's Rat Pack genre and the ever popular Susan Rios who made a guest appearance at Pierside Gallery. Susan Rios paints lovely, flowery scenes with a feminine touch that grace the pages of books, calendars, cards and more.

Located on Pacific Coast Highway near Main Street in Pierside Pavilion in the downtown Huntington Beach district, Pierside Gallery display windows delight the thousands of commuters, tourists and visitors passing through Huntington Beach who are fortunate to wait at the Main and Pacific Coast Highway stoplight to pause and gaze at the colorful lithographs, giclees and original paintings and photos that grace the display windows of the shop overlooking the beach and Huntington Beach Pier across the street from Duke's restaurant.

Paintings, reproductions and Giclees at Pierside Gallery include surfboards in a tropical setting, wine bottles and corks, sunsets with palm trees, palm trees in sand at a tropical blue beach, Thomas Kinkaide, Painter of Light's California street scenes, cottages and moodscapes, cats, golf, piers, hills, mountains and more.

About Giclee - Pronounced (zhee-clay), Giclee is the French word for spurt or squirt. The Giclee printing process creates extremely small drops, approximately 15 microns wide or one-tenth the width of a human hair. The drops leave the nozzle at a rate of approximately one million drops per second, traveling at more than 85 miles per hour. Although each drop exits the print head the same size, the drop size is changed through the diversion process. When these larger drops reach the canvas, it provides greater penetration and better color saturation. This exacting control contributes to the Giclee's superiority in its ability to honor the original art.

Other great art and art resources in Huntington Beach include Windows Gallery at Huntington Beach Library, Huntington Beach Art Center, Anderson Art Gallery with Milford Zornes work.

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