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International Surfing Association Surfing: ISA PRESS RELEASE - APRIL 2005

The ISA Annual General Meeting of 2005 will be held at the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships in Huntington Beach, California. The meeting is scheduled to occur on October 10, 2005.
Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships
Event Name: Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships 2005
Event Place: Huntington Beach, California
Host: Surfing America
Eligibility: Any NGB in good standing with the ISA may send selected athletes to participate on their behalf.
Categories: Juniors (Under 18, Under 16, Girls Under 18)

Type of Wave:
Consistent breaks on any swell. North side has a nice right all the way from outside to a fast inside section. Southside has a nice left, fast inside section. The pier is located at Main St. and Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach. The south side of the pier is where most championships have been held.

Anticipated Size of Wave:  2 - 4 feet
Air Temperature:  62 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius)
Water Temperature: 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius)
Recommended Equipment: Suits: Lycra and/or Spring suit

Schedule and Deadlines (Subject to Change):
October 6, 7: Team Arrival Dates
October 6, 7: Team Registration
October 7: Media Accreditation
October 7: Level 1 Judging Seminar
October 8: Opening Ceremony
October 8 - 16: Contest Dates
October 10: ISA AGM
October 16: Awards Ceremony
October 17, 18: Team Departure Date

Local History:
Delbert G. Higgins, retired Lifeguard Chief and Fire Chief of Huntington Beach, claims surfers have been surfing in Huntington Beach since 1926 when Duke Kahanamoku and two other Hawaiians came over from Hawaii to make a movie and spotted the surf at Corona Del Mar. Some of the world's great surfing professionals such as Timmy Turner come from Huntington Beach and use the area north and south of the Huntington Beach Pier for daily practice when not on the road.

There are over 50 surfing competitions each year in Huntington Beach, plus the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum, a Surfing Walk of Fame, Surfers' Hall of Fame and public art honoring surfing.

Huntington Beach has become known as Surf City as much for its lifestyle of casual, laid-back living and surf-friendly policies that permit wet feet and boards to be parked at local restaurants and shops.

History of the ISA World Juniors Surfing Championships:

The ISA (International Surfing Association) was first established in 1964 as the ISF. In 1976 it became the ISA and today represents more than 50 national surfing federations on five continents.

The ISA is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the International Federation for all wave riding sports. Its two main events are the ISA World Surfing Games, held every other year since 1964, and the ISA World Junior Surfing Championships, which has been in the World Surfing Games since 1980. The first World Junior Surfing Championships were won by American Tom Curren.

In 2003 the ISA decided to consolidate all ISA junior events into an annual event. The inaugural annual ISA World Junior Surfing Championships was held in Durban, South Africa. The junior division was withdrawn from the biennial World Surfing Games and amalgamated with what was the Quiksilver World Grommet Titles into a single new event to provide a singular focus for world junior surfing.

The WJSC features U18 and U16 Boys World Championship Divisions as well as an U18 Girls World Championship Division. There is also an ISA CUP event, where 5 competitors from the top participating nations will battle it out in a tag-team format.

Junior Champions since 1980:

1980 Biarritz, France
Junior Tom Curren, U.S.A

1982 Gold Coast, Australia
Junior Bryce Ellis, Australia

1984 Huntington Beach, U.S.A
Junior Damien Hardman, Australia

1986 Newquay, England
Junior Vetea David, Tahiti

1988 Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Junior Chris Brown, U.S.A

1990 Chiba, Japan
Junior Shane Bevan, Australia

1992 Lacanau, France
Junior Chad Edser, Australia

1994 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Junior Kalani Robb, Hawaii

1996 Huntington Beach, U.S.A
Junior Ben Bourgeois, U.S.A

1998 Carcavelos, Portugal
Junior Dean Morrison, Australia

2000 Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil
Junior Joel Centeio, Hawaii

2002 Durban, South Africa
Junior - Warwick Wright, South Africa

2003 Durban, South Africa
Under 18 Boys - Benn Dunn, Australia

Under 16 Boys - Jordan Smith, South Africa

Under 19 Girls - Jessie Miley Dyer, Australia

Champion Team - Brazil

2004 Papenoo, Tahiti
Under 18 Boys - James Wood, Australia

Under 16 Boys - Matt Wilkinson, Australia

Under 19 Girls - Stephanie Gilmore, Australia

Champion Team - Australia



ISA Executive Committee Meeting
San Diego, CA USA
May 19-21, 2005

ISA World Junior Surfing Championships*
California, USA
October 8 ' 16, 2005

ISA Annual General Meeting
California, USA
October 10, 2005

November 28 ' December 4

ISA World Junior Surfing Championships*

ISA World Surfing Games*
California, USA
End September / Early October

ISA Biennial General Meeting 2006
California, USA
End September /

Early October

ISA Annual General Meeting 2006
California, USA
End September / Early October

ISA World Kneeboard Championships*
Santa Cruz, CA USA
Fall 2006 (TBD)

*An ISA Sanctioned Event