PRESS RELEASE:  Dementia: An Experiment in Terror  / an independent feature

In the summer of 2004, two men were kidnapped and held hostage for nearly three weeks.  The result was a torturous experience filled with blood soaked trauma and tragedy.  After inspecting the crime scene, police investigators uncovered an underground chamber ... a basement dungeon.  The two assailants had 28 cameras on the premises recording the events as they unfolded.  DEMENTIA is the story told by those cameras.  Horror strikes indiscriminately. The film was shot in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Orange, Santa Ana and Visalia over the course of three weeks.

The Making of an Independent Movie 

The long journey of making an independent feature film comes to a close on Saturday, February 26, as Dementia: An Experiment in Terror has its first public screening, premiering in Long Beach. 

Dementia began its gestation two years ago.  Writer/director B. Luciano Barsuglia set out to write a script that was based on the terrors of the real world ' and Dementia was born.  Barsuglia, who lives in Huntington Beach, wrote the screenplay with partner Kevin Brent (Seal Beach).  Dementia tells the story of two men who are kidnapped for reeducation.  The film is graphic and brutish in its effort to capture the terror of being held captive by two real-world sociopaths. 

'When you consider the horrible things people like Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy did, you realize what a frightening world this is,' notes Barsuglia.  'While it's a horrific story, Dementia pales in comparison to the actions of a Jeffrey Dahmer.'

The screenplay was finally completed in the fall of 2003 and the preproduction process began.  Barsuglia then assembled the crew, equipment, locations and finances.  Casting took place in June of 2004 and production launched in July.  Principal photography wrapped in August and Dementia went into the cutting room.

Dementia, a digital feature length movie, running at 80 minutes, cost under $20,000 to make.  The cast and crew worked for free, donating their talents to a project they truly believed could be a catalyst to something bigger. 

Since its completion, many have dedicated an abundance of time to spreading the word about this freakish thriller.  Cast interviews can be seen on cable access shows throughout Southern California, t-shirts have been made, posters have been hung, and the website promoted ( 


While Barsuglia understands that the success of this type of low-budget feature is a long-shot, he hopes that it will also propel his next project, Home Grown, an Orange County based comedy.


'I wanted to make a movie that could get home video distribution, but also be ready to screen locally around Orange County and Los Angeles, and in festivals,' reveals Barsuglia, 'but most importantly I wanted to make a movie that an audience would enjoy.'


Local Filmmakers Ready for Premiere

Independent filmmaker B. Luciano Barsuglia and the production company BLB Media have announced the completion of Dementia: An Experiment in Terror.

The psychological thriller/horror movie was shot on a $12,000 budget in Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Fullerton, Orange, Santa Ana and Visalia over a period of three weeks.  After five months of post-production, cast and crew ready themselves for its premiere.

The intensely brutal movie will have its only pre-festival, premiere screening at Long Beach's Blue Caf'on February 26.  The event will feature the emcee styles and stand-up comedy of comedian Stuart Paap, as well as Orange County band Con Job to entertain moviegoers. 

After its premiere, Dementia will go on the festival circuit in its hopeful quest for theatrical and video distribution.

The cast and crew is a combination of would-be filmmakers along with professional and amateur actors dedicated to a project they believe can help them take that step to the next level of moviemaking.


Director/Writer/Producer:  B. Luciano Barsuglia, Huntington Beach

Writer: Kevin Brent, Seal Beach

Soundtrack Composer: Vince Lara, Santa Ana

Original Music: Con Job, Seal Beach