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Huntington Beach, California Photo of Church in Downtown HB

Huntington Beach photo copyright Debbie Stock
Huntington Beach photo copyright Debbie Stock


This Huntington Beach picture was taken across the street from the Community Bible Church located at 401- 6th St (714) 536-4255. The beautiful, old building and people who worship there are community-minded individuals who meet each week a few blocks from the beach in downtown Huntington Beach. Tourists are invited to attend services at this church within walking distance to several hotels.

A year after 9-11, the pastor and several church members provided a living demonstration and tribute to victims on the lawn in front of the church.

Huntington Beach has dozens of churches offering a variety of ceremonies for weekly prayer and worship or for wedding events. In the laid-back Surf City fashion, there's even a Surfer's Church held weekly near the beach. Surfers are welcome to attend in wetsuit after catching the morning waves. Life in Surf City California is very happy, relaxed and inviting. Below is a list of churches you may chose from if you don't want to miss a service while visiting Huntington Beach.

About the photographer: Debbie Stock is an award winning photographer, webmaster and press/public relations professional in Huntington Beach, California. She has provided photos to State of California Visitor Guides, six Huntington Beach Visitor Guides and calendars, postcards, brochures, newspapers, magazines and more. Her most recent credit is an international award for her team efforts in building the Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau website, which she worked on for two years.

You can contact her at 714.847.3277 or send mail to California Travel News, PO Box 947, Sunset Beach, CA 90742

Churches in Huntington Beach, California

Apostlic Church 17101 "A" St 843-6191
Assemblies of God
Fountain Spring Church 6462 Industry Way 374-6273
His Place Christian Fellowship 7751 Glencoe Ave 375-5886
Calvary Baptist Church 8281 Garfield Ave 962-6860
Central Baptist Church 7661 Warner Ave 848-5511
Hillcrest Missionary Baptist 8221 Newman Ave 841-1003
Huntington Beach Baptist Church 8121 Ellis Ave 842-0975
Seabreeze Community Church 18162 Gothard St 969-7622
Shorelife Church 4952 Warner Ave. #320 377-2288
Warner Baptist Church 7360 Warner Ave 847-7050
St. Bonaventure Church 16400 Springdale 846-3359
St. Mary's by the Sea 321 10th St 536-6913
St. Vincent de Paul 8345 Talbert Ave 842-3000
Saints Simon & Jude 20444 Magnolia 962-3333
Calvary Chapel Huntington Beach 5772 McFadden Ave. 891-9495
Calvary Chapel Beachside 19400 Beach Blvd. #26 465-3000
First Christian Church 1207 Main St 536-2589
Stonebridge Christian Church 5555 McFadden Ave. 897-3583
Christian Science
First Church 301 8th St 536-9707
Reading Room 18051 Beach Blvd 847-6610
Church of Christ 301 Huntington St 536-7212
Church of God Huntington Beach 7622 Warner Ave 847-2847
Church of Latter Day Saints
1st Ward 8702 Atlanta Ave 960-6886
2nd Ward 5402 Heil Ave 846-9247
3rd Ward 19191 17th St 842-7359
4th Ward 8702 Atlanta Ave 960-3335
5th Ward 6531 McFadden Ave 891-4568
6th Ward 5402 Heil Ave 840-5989
7th Ward 19191 17th St 842-7200
8th Ward 8702 Atlanta Ave 969-2452
9th Ward 5402 Heil Ave 840-8366
Empty Cross of Salvation Samoan 17791 Newland 848-0162
First Russian Missionary Church 6931 Edinger Ave
St. Barnabas Orthodox 842-6282
St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church 18631 Chapel Ln 962-7512
Evangelical Free
Evangelical Free Church of HB 1912 Florida St 536-1439
Foursquare Gospel
Hope Chapel HB 715 Lake St 536-1614
Ohana Fellowship 18534 Beach Blvd #36 963-1974
Church of the Coastland 841-6244
Harbour Community Church 401 Sixth Street 536-5019
Jehovah's Witnesses
Jehovah's Witnesses of HB 7851 Talbert Ave 847-4006
Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses 19100 Delaware 847-4957
Korean Central 17581 Newland 847-3594
Faith Lutheran Church 8200 Ellis Ave 962-5571
Grace Lutheran Church 6931 Edinger Ave 897-0361
Lutheran Church of the Resurrection 9812 Hamilton Ave 962-5005
Old World Village Church 7561 Center Ave 893-7077
Redeemer Lutheran Church 16351 Springdale 846-6330
Huntington Beach Community 8101 Slater Ave 847-3050
Beach Cities Community Church 9872 Hamilton Ave. 698-0668
Church in Huntington Beach 19231 Beach Blvd. 848-9977
Church 24-7 964-3531
Community Bible Church 401- 6th St 536-4255
Coastview Christian Fellowship 5102 Argosy Ave. 895-7979
God's House 1905 Main St
Hope Chapel Orange Coast 17451 Zieder Ln. 378-0733
Koinonia Fellowship 401 6th St 247-4354
Pacific Coast Community Church 17581 Newland 847-5070
Pierpoint Community Church 1706 Orange Ave. 843-9665
Praise Christian Center 18851 Goldenwest St 596-3433
Seaside Community Church 9300 Indianapolis 968-9884
Surfer's Chapel 5102 Argosy 751-5514
Vineyard Christian Fellowship 20581 Farnsworth Ln 536-7825
Vineyard Christian Fellowship 15031 Eton Cir 897-1577
Vineyard Christian Fellowship 963-9463
Welcome Christian Center 2721 Delaware Street 838-0941 (Saturday Service)
Congregation Adat Israel 5052 Warner Ave 846-2285
Christ Presbyterian Church 20112 Magnolia 968-4940
St. Peter's by the Sea 16871 Bolsa Chica 846-6641
Church of Religious Science 7641 Talbert Ave 596-0900
Community United Methodist 6652 Heil Ave 842-4461
First United Methodist Church 2721 Delaware 536-3537