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Main Street Hair Company Photo Downtown Huntington Beach
Main Street Hair Company photo of building front with sign and store hours
Main Street Hair Store, 200 Main Street #108,
Huntington Beach, Calif. 714-960-0064

Main Street Hair Store in the 200 Main Street Block building with the clock tower and chimes is inset from the street next to Main Street Eyewear & Boutique. Huntington Beach Main Street includes several hair cutting and nail salons. They include, Makin' Waves, Salon -  320 Main / (714) 374-1806, Salon 218, 301 Main #108 / (714) 536-3340 and Main Street Hair Store, 200 Main Street #108, Huntington Beach, Calif. (714) 960-0064, Mood Swings, 417 Main and there's also a barbershop at 504 Main Street.

Located in the 200 block just outside the door to the parking garage, Main Street Promenade includes a , IHOP (another fantastic diner), Board Walk Realty, Del Sol Store, The Shoe Lab, Wetzel's Pretzels and Color Me Mine, The Beach Store, Main Street Eyewear & Boutique, Main Street Hair Salon, a water fountain, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Surf City Market and Deli, Coach's Mediterranean Grill, GNC, BJ's Pizza and Hurricanes Bar & Grill, to name a few.

Personal services in downtown Huntington Beach included a dentist, Surf City Chiropractor, salons, a tanning spa, dry cleaners, Highlander Center Maytag Self-Service Laundry Cleaners, Advantage Funeral Services Mortuary (formerly Pierce & Brothers), 6th Street Petals florist and even Dirty Dog Wash. Additional services are available at hotels listed on the right column.

If you love to shop, there's more. If you love to dine, there are many foods, prices and views.