Huntington BeachSurf WalkingTour
     Legend:  1  square =  0.1 mile X  0.1 mile  (approximate)
1 International Surfing Museum, 411 Olive 
Open: 12pm -5 pm, Wed-Sun 
2 Surfing  Museum in Huntington Beach Realty  322 Main Street,  Open: Business Hours   Free
3 Surfers' Hall of Fame near Huntington Surf & Sport 300 Pacific Coast Highway (at Main Street) Free
4 Surfing Walk of Fame near Jack's Surfboards
Main & Pacific Coast Highway
5 Huntington Beach Pier - Watch surfing End of Main Street at PCH, Open:  5 a.m. to Midnight. Free
6 Ultimate Challenge Statue, Pacific Coast Highway at Huntington Street Free

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