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Psychic Boutique - Huntington Beach Store

Psychic Boutique in Huntington Beach is closed

located in the downtown Huntington Beach district on Walnut Street (though the address is on Main).  The store sells tarot cards and gifts and has a little back room with a candle-lit table with religious statues for those who wish to pay to have tarot card, palm or psychic readings. This form of entertainment is located just a block from the beach near Surf City Candy store.

Having written a story on a world class psychic who helped solve numerous prominent forensic cases, our researchers discovered a talented intuitive or psychic can provide specific personal information and be on target with no cues nor opportunity to perform research beforehand. So when someone asks if you are married and says, "Don't tell me, I should know this," but they don't...decide for yourself.

Psychic is the name on the sign. The shop bills itself as a boutique of gifts and self-enhancement items. For those seeking entertainment that's a little different, Psychic has a shop in downtown Huntington Beach, a location on Slater Ave. and a shop in Sunset Beach on Pacific Coast Highway. The staff is available for party entertainment.