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Huntington Beach Old World Village Church - St. Judas Chaddeus
7561 Center Avenue #47 Huntington Beach, Ca 92647Phone (714) 893-7077

Photos and Information  

A German Evangelical Lutheran & Old Catholic Church with Pastor J'gen Bless, who passed away in April 2010.

Old World Village provides a glimpse into the old style of living in which homes, shops, neighborhood bars and churches are all located next to each other.  While Old World Village is best known for its restaurants, Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras and Rathskellar, a beautiful church stands in the heart of the village. The Old World Community Church offers services in German, English and Spanish.  The altar at the church says, "Lassen die Kinder zu mir kommen," or "let the little ones come unto me." 

The Old World Community Church is located in the charming European village in Huntington Beach. Marry in Europe without leaving California becomes a fact as you walk the cobblestone streets and admire the many murals decorating the homes built in the Bavarian and Austrian style. The Old World flavor becomes complete in the Village Church with its antique furnishings and stained glass window.

Sunday Services include Spanish Mass and English/German (alternating) masses. Denomination: German Evangelical Lutheran, Old Catholic (all denominations are welcome)

Wedding Ceremonies

The Wedding Ceremony states, "Marriage is a gift of God and a means of His grace, in which man and woman become one flesh." Therefore, it is most appropriate that you are planning to accept this great gift of love by an exchange of vows administered to you by a Christian ministry.

Old World Village Church makes its facilities available to all who share a belief in the sacredness of Christian marriage. All people regardless of background and religious affiliation are welcome. You are invited to our Sunday worship services and special worship celebrations throughout the year.

The chapel accommodates 120 guests. It supplies the silk flowers and plants in the chapel, the altar decorations, candles and the unity candle. The usage covers two hours on the day of the wedding and a rehearsal on an evening prior to the wedding.

Weddings can be arranged Mondays through Saturdays depending on availability and the wedding coordinator will be glad to answer your questions and explain how to reserve a date and time for your wedding. Special arrangements for weekday weddings can be made. Please consult the wedding coordinator. A Deposit is required to hold the Date and Time. The Deposit is non-refundable.

A conference with the minister will be scheduled close to your wedding to become acquainted and to talk about thoughts and feelings and the meaning of getting married to make your wedding a truly inspirational experience.

For weddings at the chapel, the church requests a contribution towards the cost of maintaining the church and grounds.