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Lake Street Victorian Charm in Downtown Huntington Beach, California

Lake Street Victorian Houses

While most tourists have no trouble finding and driving along Main Street in Huntington Beach, if they happen upon a street that runs parallel to the main thoroughfare, they'll discover charming neighborhoods and an ambiance similar to Main just a few blocks away. Pictured is one of the unique Victorian-designed houses on Lake Street in Downtown Huntington Beach. You'll find it near the corner of Lake Street and Adams Avenue.

Sitting on a corner lot, the house is one of several such homes contained within the block on one side of the street. In the picture you can see a purple Jacaranda tree in bloom that complements the exterior paint color scheme of the home.

Unlike Main Street, Lake Street is cut off from the beach by a downtown building project, and it also comes to an end near City Hall at Yorktown, where the street faces Pacific Ranch gated community.

For those who find Main Street congested and traffic at a standstill, Lake Street often provides and alternate route into the downtown Huntington Beach parking area. If you're taking a pleasant Sunday drive, try traveling on Lake Street some time. Lined with quaint cottages and newer two-story homes, some of HB's famous and infamous people have resided on Lake, including Robert Rizzo, the former city manager of Bell who was under investigation for corruption and illegal practices in Bell where he commuted to from his Huntington Beach - Lake Street house. He has sold the place and no longer lives on Lake Street.

One easy way to find Lake Street is to turn from Main onto one of the streets on the perimeter of Lake Park. When you reach the other end of the park near the community building, picnic tables and bbq area, that's where you find Lake Street.



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