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Huntington Beach Bicycle Beach Path Summer Traffic

beach bike path Huntington Beach
Summertime is inescapably busy in Huntington Beach, California. Got bikes, boards or blades' Great! Got dogs, too. Look out!

People of all ages zip along the paved beach path that runs parallel to Pacific Coast Highway in downtown Huntington Beach. It's an exciting place to workout with the Pacific Ocean right next to you. But the large numbers of people that not only use the path but cross it to access the beach or take a dog down to Dog Beach make for a few extra dangers. You don't look, they don't look. You don't stop, they don't stop, and suddenly you end up on the ground or knocking someone down.

Have fun with the journey, but do watch for cross traffic and and even if others are in the wrong, you should have one step on the brake to avoid an unfortunate accident that could ruin your vacation or day.

Visitors--you can rent a bike or roller blades near the Huntington Beach Pier. Head down the stairs and turn right or left to the two beach concessions. You should have a photo ID and Drivers License to rent items so be sure to accompany the kids when you want them to be able to rent. After you get your vehicle, surfboard or wheels, begin exploring the path. Stay on the right side of the traffic flow. The road is shared with walkers, joggers and other types of non-motorized vehicles. From the Huntington Beach Pier, you can head north toward Sunset Beach or south toward Newport Beach. Either way you go, you can clock around 10 miles round-trip. Here's more bicycle riding info.


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