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The Beach Store Photos and Information Huntington Beach 

The Beach Store at California Greetings on the third block of Main Street in Huntington Beach includes women's tops, jewelry, shoes, belts, decorative items, clocks, post cards, magnets, shot glasses, coffee mugs, cocktail glasses, napkins, placemats, pillows, decorator furniture, wind chimes, lamps, lotions, fragrances, potpourri and unique and fun things for women, men, girls, boys and babies. The Beach Store is always busy with shoppers searching through the racks packed with goodies.

The shop is a treasure trove of merchandise and the prices are fantastic. You usually can find something on sale at the store at any given time. Be sure to drop by and browse through the assortment of styles, colors and sizes in gift items.

The Beach Store at California Greetings is located in the shopping district not far from The Beach Store on the second block of Main where women's styles are sold on the same side of the street as Clothes Minded, Diane's Swimsuits and Tipsy Gypsy and Merrilee's Swimwear. Some limited 1 hour coin meter parking in front of the store and day parking is available in a garage in the building complex that includes a water fountain and clock tower.

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