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John Baca Park in Huntington Beach is located across the street from Huntington Central Park. It features open spaces with meandering hills, a playground for kids and a basketball court.

John Baca Park

John Baca Park was dedicated in April 2002 as fulfillment of Pacific Land Corporation's development agreement to create park space in Huntington Seacliff, a residential community. Those visiting and utilizing the park include women and men with tiny tots and people walking dogs. One mother with her 2-year-old son said she'd driven by the park many times but had never stopped before. She sat and read a book while he son climbed the jungle gym.

The park can be accessed on Ellis Street between Golden West and Gothard streets  where curbside parking exists or inside the residential neighborhood in which it sits on Sherwood Drive that also provides curbside parking space. Baca Park includes interesting walking trails that provide elevation, a children's playground, basketball court and picnic tables and benches set on cement blocks for comfort and convenience. 

John P. Baca received the highest medal of honor from Richard Nixon for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty in the U.S. Army during the war in Viet Nam. At the park's dedication, Baca said:

'I am an ordinary citizen who answered my country's call to duty and performed that duty to the very best of my ability. I pray that so naming this park will serve to instill in the minds of generations to come the idea that the liberty we enjoy must be ever so carefully guarded and when they are called upon to defend those liberties, they do so willingly, as I and so many others already have, in order that this nation, as we know it, shall not perish.'

Huntington Beach Parks

The City of Huntington Beach (California) is the caretaker and steward of the Huntington Beach public park system. Two departments involved with Huntington Beach parks are the Community Services Department and Park Maintenance. Park Maintenance is responsible for maintaining approximately 70 parks and public facilities, totaling 598 acres, 169 playground apparatus and irrigation systems. 

Park Maintenance is also an integral component in special events in the City, closely working with Community Services to set up for events and activities that take place on or near park facilities. Community Services not only handles the rental of the park facilities but also operates programs for the public that include softball leagues, exercise classes, cooking, dancing and other types of interesting and fun things to do. For more information on park maintenance call (714) 536-5480.  For information on park facilities or to make a reservation call Community Services at (714) 536-5486 or the phone numbers provided on the featured parks pages.