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Photo of Girl Vampire in Pink Skirt in Huntington Beach Downtown Halloween Celebration

Girl dressed as Poison Ivy for Halloween
Poison Ivy

Man wears oversized outfit with pink tutu for Halloween in Huntington Beach
Lady in Pink

Huntington Beach Main Street Girl in pink min-skirt is vampire for Halloween

Little Miss Muffet poses for photo in Huntington Beach Halloween celebration
Little Miss Muffet

Fred Flinstone caveman and monster with little boy in Halloween costumes in Huntington Beach
Fred Flinston

Pretty girl bee and Bee Keeper are dressed for Huntington Beach Halloween on Main
Bee & Bee Keeper

Scarecrow mother takes photo of kid on Halloween
Scarecrow Parent
Costumed shop employee hands out candy to cheerleader kids in downtown Huntington Beach

A bronkin bull rider costume in Huntington Beach Halloween on Main
Bull Rider

Costumed nurse with Red Cross emblem on her outfit and white silk thigh high stockings is dressed for Halloween in Huntington Beach

Edward Scissorhands and Little Red Riding Hood's Big Bad Wolf walk down the middle of Main Street Huntington Beach for Halloween
Edward Scissorhands

Dancer in top hat, tail and net stockings with cane and Country Western star are out on the town for Halloween in Huntington Beach
Dancer & Country

Main Street Trick or Treat in Huntington Beach's Surf City. Halloween Day, October 31

This cute girl with the vampire teeth waited for her friends, two girls also dressed in short pink skirts, and wearing red or hot pink high heels in front of Tipsy Gypsy clothing and accessories shop on the third block of Main Street in Huntington Beach. They all wore pink ribbons with bows in their long, blonde hair. Looking sweet and innocent, we can only surmise that the vampire teeth were the costume surprise. But wait, there's a bandit lurking in the dark corner behind her.  Beware! It's Halloween night in Orange County, California. The make-believe OC of fantasy and fiction unveils itself on October 31. Throughout California, in fact, people live a Hollywood fantasy on this night. Dressed like stars, celebrities and characters from the movies, you never know who you will meet on Main Street USA, Surf City.

Huntington Beach Main Street often closes during this special day around 4 p.m. on October 31 to make way for the annual Halloween Celebration. Downtown merchants hand out candy to trick or treat youth from 6 to 8:30 p.m. when the street is designated a children's fun zone. Moon bounces, pony rides, petting zoo, balloons and a costume contest all make this a night to remember. And it's totally free. See the events calendar for details.