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Overlook Park, Huntington Beach, CA

at the end of Seapoint and Garfield features spectacular sunsets nearly every day.

Overlook Park
Seapoint at Garfield
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Many who stop by Overlook Park during the day sigh and say, "So what'" The strip of pavement and field is sandwiched between a hill where multi-million dollar houses called "The Bluffs" are perched and the wetlands and oil fields below stretch to the Pacific Ocean. A paved road with parking spaces is the only enhancement to this natural area where joggers pass, people walk their dogs, horses from Central Park are ridden occasionally and hobbyists fly their miniature gliders. 

When sunset comes, the parking lot can fill up instantly and just as quickly be empty again. That's because Overlook Park features one of the finest sunset views in Huntington Beach in an easy access location where you don't have to look for parking, put money in a meter and nearly miss the splendor that happens so rapidly as the sun drops into the Pacific Ocean.

Once open on two sides, a gate now bars entry traffic from Edwards Street. The Bluffs residents recently complained about park-goers and requested closing the only gate to the park permanently. What a mistake that would be! This park, much like Bartlett Park behind Newland House Museum and Barn, provides one of the natural experiences missing from over 90% of Huntington Beach's park with their perfect mowed lawns. Overlook Park is not perfect or manicured by any means. It includes dirt and sand, weeds, native plants and views of the fields that once brought great riches to the City of Huntington Beach through oil drilling.  Overlook Park is a real experience, something tourists say they especially seek when visiting other destinations. 

From Overlook Park the Pacific Ocean is visible during the day. You usually can see Catalina Island and the Long Beach skyline and waterfront with ships lined up in queue to unload their cargo in the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Close by views include Bolsa Chica State Beach and Harriet Wieder Regional Park within walking distance of Overlook Park. There is no lighting in this park for night time activities your best options for visiting are daylight to sunset.

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The City of Huntington Beach (California) is the caretaker and steward of the Huntington Beach public park system. Two departments involved with Huntington Beach parks are the Community Services Department and Park Maintenance. Park Maintenance is responsible for maintaining approximately 70 parks and public facilities, totaling 598 acres, 169 playground apparatus and irrigation systems. 

Park Maintenance is also an integral component in special events in the City, closely working with Community Services to set up for events and activities that take place on or near park facilities. Community Services not only handles the rental of the park facilities but also operates programs for the public that include softball leagues, exercise classes, cooking, dancing and other types of interesting and fun things to do. For more information on park maintenance call (714) 536-5480.  For information on park facilities or to make a reservation call Community Services at (714) 536-5486 or the phone numbers provided on the featured parks pages.