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Martini Blues Bands and Musical Entertainment - Huntington Beach
Pictured above is an excellent band called Chain Reaction at Martini Blues Supper Club.

Martini Blues Supper Club, 5874 Edinger Avenue. Call: 714-840-2129 or Toll Free at (888) 24-BLUES (25837).  Open daily, usually after 4 p.m.

There's always live music in Huntington Beach. You don't have to drive to L.A. to enjoy the scene. Cutting edge music, straight ahead jazz and alternative are a few of the genre played in the beach town.  The most acts available in one venue occur at Martini Blues where usually 2 to 3 shows and musical performances occur per day.  While it's rare to enjoy music in all 3 rooms of the Supper Club, you'll often find 2 out of the 3 featuring bands with top musicians and performers in commercial projects kicking back at night and joining up for local gigs. See upcoming Martini Blues events

Arriving or getting known in the local circuit can be a bonus for musicians living in the region. From Hurricanes, Perqs, Gallaghers, Fitzgeralds, Surf City Saloon, Marlin Bar and Tumbleweeds in Huntington Beach come some great bands known to play in all the bars, clubs and restaurants in the area.  Though the scene is different from the days when BB King would come to play for $5 to $10 at the Golden Bear (now gone) and Robin Williams did a comedy act before he launched his movie career, Huntington Beach continues the tradition of great theater arts and musical entertainment.  No place in the region beats Martini Blues Supper Club for its approach to providing top notch entertainment minus the hefty price.


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