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Kite Connection on Huntington Beach Pier Photos and Information

Kite Connection, Huntington Beach Pier PO Box 53 Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Tel:714-536-3630 Fax:714-536-3630

HUNTINGTON BEACH ' Kite Connection on the Huntington Beach Pier sells kites, yoyos, decorative flags, sunglasses, postcards and fun stuff that kids and adults enjoy. 

Kite Connection hosts an annual Huntington Beach Kite Party at the the Pier, which is sponsored Dave Shenkman, owner of the Kite Connection. It attracts up to 100 participants who showcase their kite designs and flying skills in a "by invitation" gathering. Among his friends are top kite designers and manufacturers from around the globe, including kite legend Tim Benson. Stunt kites from Revolution, Prism and other kite designers are on view at this colorful three-day party.

Dave Shenkman began flying kites in high school and established Kite Connection out of his love of the sport. Growing up in a family-run business that contracts the City of Huntington Beach services, Rainbow Disposal, Shenkman has operated his own successful enterprise for several decades.

He also has a program, Kites for Kids, that teaches children about aerodynamics and kite flying through entertaining kite demonstrations that are performed before hundreds of thousands of elementary students in school assemblies and field days.