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Irby Park includes a very large field, a playground for kids, several picnic tables and lots of shade trees.

Irby Park
Marilyn Drive and Dale Vista Lane
Huntington Beach, California  92647

Irby Park is a large, 11-acre park operated and maintained by the City of Huntington Beach Parks Maintenance division. It consists of a huge, green field adjacent to a row of houses, a playground with two Playworld jungle gyms containing 4 slides and 6 ladders and a stand alone swing set with seats for tots and children. There are several picnic tables for eating a snack or having a peaceful breakfast or lunch while you watch the kids play. The park is popular for walking dogs, too. Residents bring their pets to the park and say hello to neighbors walking their dogs. 

In this tract that includes people's first names, you not only will people greet each other by name, you can drive along the streets near Irby Park to find Howard, Merle, Lois, Judy and Donald. Those are the names given to some of the streets in the tract bounded by major streets Heil and Warner, Golden West and Edwards. There are no restroom facilities.