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Video Sunset Beach - What's Your Favorite California Place'



The video of the Sunset Beach California sunbather includes a girl discussing why she loves this Orange County beach the most.

Sunset Beach beaches are relaxing. It's so simple there. Either you find a parking spot or your don't. If you get lucky and find one, you're on your way to a relaxing day that the sunbather in this video discusses. She tells you why she likes this beach and also discusses the reasons it is possibly her favorite.

We love Sunset Beach, too. This Orange County beach is located north of Huntington Beach and south of Seal Beach and Long Beach. It is accessible from Pacific Coast Highway (1), by turning onto a mile worth of streets that run north and south along a greenbelt. What a contrast this greenbelt is to the beaches and sand situated barely within view, beyond the houses that run wall to wall along the sand. Castles are more and more replacing cottages so that it's a rare sight to not see construction on a house along the beachfront. 

This portion of Orange County beaches includes close-up views of major shipping. It is here off coast that  large freighters line up in queue to unload their cargo in the Port of Los Angeles. And it is also nearby that the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station offers a deepwater port at Anaheim Bay for the large military vessels loading and unloading....weapons.

The girl on the video discussed off camera that the enthusiasm by dock workers and unions members for anything colorful dealing with the ships is extremely popular in this region.  It makes for a unique population of youth having fun in an ocean that features offshore commercial enterprise, including oil platforms where oil is pumped into holding tanks nearby.


This is all part of the interests, activities and things to explore at the OC Beach.



Huntington Beach, California isn't just about beaches. Right across the street from the beach are several ecological reserves, including the largest Bolsa Chica wetlands. This is the primary user-friendly reserve where tourists can visit daily, wander the path around the wetlands, and observe the birds in all their glory.

One of the largest and most dynamic birds in this protected area is the pelican. The huge, commanding birds steal the show. When groups of them fly overhead and land on the fences near the channel that feeds into the reserve, you can't help but enjoy watching them. They groom their bodies with their beaks and large wings, scratch or clean with their webbed feet, and watch for the opportunity to pounce on fish in the waters below. When you feel you need a break and inspiring place to commune, or just walk for exercise, visit this Huntington Beach wetlands and discover the magic that's just across the street from the beach.

Bolsa Chica Wetlands hours: Open daily from 6 a.m. to dusk. Parking is free. A port-a-potty restroom is located on premises. The wetlands is comprised of a series of water bodies (inlets) that you are not allowed to come into contact with. You must stay on the trails provided in a 1.5 mile loop. No dogs, horses, pets and no bicycles are permitted on the trails.

Across the street at Bolsa Chica Beach --Beach hours: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Parking: RV and car parking available for a fee.