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Video Beach Bonfire Family Cooking on Fire Pit BBQ



The video shows a family cooking over a beach bonfire at Huntington Beach. The dad sits in a chair with family around him and he calls for Frank. He says, "Frank, this is how the rich cholos live." And they all laugh.

Huntington Beach is recognized as the California leader in providing beach bonfires opportunities. The free fire rings are available for family campfire activities, church groups, schools, and they provide entertainment and fun. You can simply enjoy the bonfire or you can cook a meal. some people bring little grills and throw them on tip to utilize the fire for special meals such as chicken. Most simply bring hot dogs, chips, and marshmallows for the delicious S'more desserts that are made of graham crackers with pieces of chocolate inside the cracker sandwich, then a hot roasted marshmallow set in the center to melt the chocolate so it all blends together.

There are several hundred fire rings stretching the entire length of Huntington Beach from Huntington State Beach at Pacific Coast Highway and Brookhurst to PCH and Warner. Huntington Beach has acquired Sunset Beach but due to the close proximity to houses, it is unlikely bonfire rings will be introduced that section of Huntington Beach.

The cost to use a ring is free, and they are available, first come first serve. Bring your own firewood, available at nearby grocery stores and drugstores, or sometimes you can buy wood at a beach concession. The wood is around $5-7 / bundle.







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