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Talbert Marsh, Huntington Beach Wetlands

Location:  22012 Magnolia Street, Huntington Beach, CA  1.183 acres

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF.--Gisler Park is a long, thin 11 acre park that contains power line towers (including attached microwave cells). The park stretches between two major Huntington Beach streets, Brookhurst and Bushard. It is also bounded by Hamilton and Atlanta streets.

This strip of land that has swing sets, a cement walking path, playground and green space is between houses the Brethren Christian School with its own fields and basketball courts.

The park is popular for people walking dogs, kids playing, bicyclists passing through on the cement path between the two major streets, and locals taking a walk.

If you need a place to stretch the legs, walk the dog, or let the kids play, this is a functional park where most people don't seem to mind letting their little ones play near the cell towers.

Gisler Park is one of Huntington Beach's 70 some parks (and growing) that is maintained by the City of Huntington Beach.

Nearby parks you'll also enjoy in surrounding neighborhoods include Seeley ParkEader Park and Edison Park with Edison Community Center.